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Wet-End Pumps for Handling Solids and Slurry

7450 Cahaba Valley Rd, Alabama, Birmingham, 35242-6303,Other, United States of America

7450 Cahaba Valley Rd, Alabama, Birmingham, 35242-6303,Other, United States of America

Designed to handle the toughest services in a broad spectrum of solids handling and slurry transport applications, Polaris pumps feature a wide selection of wet-end configuration options and motor combinations to enable us to configure a pump unit to meet your specific requirements.

Modular wet-end platform pumps

The Polaris pump line-up utilizes a modular wet-end platform approach with common wet-end components for a given pump size.

The final configuration to a plain open suction, mixer or shredder type pump is accomplished by adding kit components that are interchangeable and can be added or changed in the field with a few common hand tools.

Pumps for slurry applications

Primarily designed for slurry applications, the wet-end components including the strainer are made from abrasion-resistant, high-chrome white iron for maximum wear life. This enables us to meet the requirements of almost any application, ranging from effluent water and wastewater disposal, sump clean-up and slurry transport to food processing waste, wood yard waste and recycling.

Regardless of what your application may be, Polaris has a cost effective and efficient solution for your pumping needs.

At Polaris Pumps, quality begins at the initial design phase. Our objective is to design pumps that will provide years of reliable service under the toughest conditions.

Submersible pumps for extreme mining environments

In the mining industry, submersible pumps are subjected to extreme environmental conditions – and Polaris Pumps are designed with this thought in mind. That is why every step of the manufacturing process is tightly controlled and the materials we use in our pumps are the best available.

High chrome parts for mining pumps

Superior parts construction: polaris high chrome parts do not have cast-in soft steel inserts for drilled, tapped or keyed components. Polaris high chrome parts will not corrode out and cause catastrophic pump failure in low PH applications.

All Polaris high chrome case parts are softened, drilled and tapped or keyed into the parent metal and then heat reated to 650+ brinell hardness for superior reliability and corrosion resistance.

We are extremely proud of the products we offer and we are certain that the quality of our product is readily apparent – not only visually, but when it counts most – in the field doing its job.

All Polaris cast and machined parts are designed and
manufactured using the latest in CAD/CAM and CNC technologies. All Polaris primary components and material suppliers are ISO-9000 certified listed and our motors are both UL approved and CSA approved.

All of our components are manufactured in North America.

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