MEKRAtronics is a subsidiary of the MEKRA Lang Group, the market leader for vison systems for commercial vehicles.

Our product range consists of camera monitor systems and radar systems for object detection and is tailored to the tough operating conditions for on-Road and off-Road applications.

The secret of our high customer satisfaction is a high product availability, good accessibility and fast service, coupled with products in OEM quality.

People Detection Camera - ADA Cam – Super easy and comfortable support for more security
Built in Mirror replacement system-for an optimal, ergonomic view.
Mounting example for a Mirror replacement system to visualize the view
Reversing cameras- to comfortably observe the area around the vehicle
Security through intelligent camera monitor systems
Reversing cameras- applicable in various industries and for different purposes

For every requirement – we have the right solution.

MEKRAtronics offers a wide range of products for different industries such as:

  • Transportation
  • Municipal
  • Agriculture
  • Forklift trucks and logistics
  • Mining and Construction machinery

Our solutions ensure safety through intelligent systems. The product range is diverse. It consists of:

  • Cameras Systems for all standard and special applications
  • Mirror replacement systems
  • 270° and 360° systems
  • Blind spot assistants
  • AI cameras
  • Radio systems
  • Radar systems
  • Turn assistants

We analyze the risks and hazards around your vehicles and machines and know the daily working conditions of drivers and machine operators. This enables us to offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements and applications of our customers.

Our focus on high product- and service quality ensures an optimal total cost of ownership.

Due to their size and complexity, commercial vehicles and mobile machinery pose increased safety risks for drivers, vehicles and their surroundings.

The consequences are often inefficient processes and in the worst-case, accidents, resulting in increased costs for machine and employee downtime, repairs and insurance.

Our goal is to avoid these dangers from the start through competent advice and the use of our products.

Innovative radar systems for the mining sector

Radar sensors can be added to the vehicle to help monitor areas around the vehicle or machinery. Radar sensors can detect objects when driving forward and/or in reverse or as a turn assist to monitor right and/or left turns according to regulation ECE R151, 158 & 159.

If there is an object or a person in the driving path, the driver of the vehicle receives an acoustic warning signal and can intervene immediately. The sound frequency and the visual alert on the display inform about the distance to the object. In combination with a camera system, the driver is able to capture the situation at a glance by looking at the monitor.

AI cameras for mining operation monitoring

The AI people detection camera provides HD images (1080P) of critical areas around the vehicle, in a very good resolution and responds to a wide range of lighting conditions in about 200ms. Areas not covered by conventional mirrors or cameras are thus monitored.

The system is expandable to a 270° or 360° surround view system.

Using deep learning technology, it detects pedestrians and vehicles in real time and warns the driver acoustically and visually. Through this detection and warning, the driver gets active support to perceive people and vehicles in his defined environment to avoid collisions.

The complete computing power and display can be located in the camera or in an external ECU.

The camera system with person recognition is an assistance system (ADAS) with AI and supports the operator in his work, but the operator is still responsible according to his work instructions from the employer.

Mirror replacement system – Mirror Cam

Ergonomic and sensible mounting of exterior mirrors is often a challenge, especially on large and complex vehicles.

Our mirror replacement system for the off-ROAD area offers an optimal, ergonomic view by attaching high-intensity IPS Displays in the cabin.

Individually placeable HD cameras provide an optimal view of the danger zones around the vehicle. The HDR Function provides a brilliant image even in backlight and darkness.

The bright IPS display with 1000 cd / m2 guarantees an excellent image even in direct sunlight.

Freely adjustable auxiliary lines help the driver to better estimate distances and thus facilitate daily work. The great flexibility of the mirror replacement system allows it to be adapted to a wide range of vehicles as reuqired.

We also provide mirror replacements system for on-road use on demand.

Reversing cameras for accident prevention

Areas behind the vehicle that cannot be seen via direct vision or mirrors can be optimally captured with a rear view camera.

An opening angle of 100° or 120 ° is ideal here, according to the regulations of ECE R158.

Backstopping is thus facilitated and accidents can be avoided: a solution for all kind of vehicles.

For us, the focus is on the driver. He is the one who wants to maneuver and drive safely with the visual aids.
For this purpose, we offer drivers the following support:

  • Gets a clear picture of the area behind the vehicle
  • Clear points of orientation in the area around the vehicle
  • Size ratios remain constant and thus create a reference to the surroundings
  • The screen size is fully utilized for the display of camera images
  • Improved ergonomics and efficiency