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Filtration, Auto Lubrication and Fuel-Filling Valve Systems, and Air Filter Pre-Cleaners for Mining Vehicles and Equipment

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Equipment Placement is your one-stop shop for the supply and hire of quality equipment, replacement parts and a range of products and services to add value to your mining and construction operations.

Our range includes service trucks, filtration systems, auto lubrication systems, air pre-cleaners, pressure-less fuel shutoff valves, wheel dozer conversions, Buffalo Concrete Mixers, and a wide range of rotational moulded products and safety items.

We also offer, for sale and hire, high-quality used equipment for mining and construction, including service, fuel and water trucks, excavators and dozers.

Filtration systems for the mining industry

Equipment Placement is a distributor for Filter Technology Australia, a provider of world-class leading-edge filtration systems that complement existing OEM filtration units.

Equipment Placement's service trucks, fuel trucks, water trucks and modules are designed specifically for mining and construction work.
The Hydrau-Flo® valve system is a safer, cleaner and more reliable fuel-filling valve arrangement.
Equipment Placement can supply and install an Easilube system for underground and open cut mining operations.
Turbo II Pre-cleaners installed on a new Komatsu HD785 dump truck.
The hoist rope impact damper is the only technology proven to manage control hoist ropes and maximise efficiency.

The patented technology removes particulate contamination down to 2µm, resulting in significantly increased equipment life, oil life and, in the case of diesel-powered units, reduced fuel consumption, as well as lower carbon dioxide and particulate emissions.

Suitable for any fixed or mobile plant assembly or vehicle, Filter Technology filtration units and kidney loop filtration systems are capable of filtering hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, solvents or fuel to remarkable cleanliness ratings for prolonged periods.

Fuel-filling valve system

In this world of high component cost and expensive downtime, maintaining diesel fuel and oil cleanliness is the key to improved efficiency of your plant and equipment. The Hydrau-Flo® valve system is a safer, cleaner and more reliable fuel-filling valve arrangement, which removes the risk of overfilling, spillage and tank rupture while minimising safety and environmental hazards associated with fuel transfer.

Using conventional systems, overfilling, spillage and tank rupture can be common occurrences. At 1,000l/min, every second of spillage equates to more than 15l of diesel wasted and released into the environment. Additionally, the cost to repair or replace ruptured fuel tanks is significant in terms of materials, labour and equipment downtime.

Fuel-filling valves for mining vehicles and mobile equipment

The Hydrau-Flo fuel-filler safety valve range is available in three configurations to suit the majority of equipment types and applications.

The standard Hydrau-Flo fuel-filling (black) valve is ideal for all new equipment applications and existing equipment that has suitable fittings. The most commonly used retro-fit Hydrau-Flo fuel-filling (blue) valve fits directly into truck and loader fuel tanks using 2in NPT thread. The retro-fit Hydrau-Flo fuel-filling (red) valve is designed to fit into tanks using the ‘Wiggins’ ZNC3 recess. These are typically used on 776 and 773 trucks.

The Hydrau-Flo float control valve has a robust design for use on mobile equipment which ensures reliable pilot operation of the Hydrau-Flo fuel-filling valve.

Auto lubrication systems for fixed and mobile plants

Easilube auto lubrication systems are designed and manufactured in Australia for auto lubrication in rugged conditions and feature a single-shot hydraulic pump with single or multi cartridges, or with a bulk fill reservoir up to 90kg. Equipment Placement can supply and install an Easilube system, which is ideal for underground and open cut mining operations.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the auto lubrication system features a single-shot hydraulic pump with single or multiple cartridges, or with bulk-fill reservoirs up to 90kg. The system uses injectors for arduous conditions or where independent adjustment is required to each bearing or where hydraulic hose is preferred over plastic tubing. It uses distributor valves for other applications. Over 200 systems are in use at open-cut and underground coal mines.

Air filter pre-cleaners

Turbo II Pre-cleaners remove up to 98% of the dirt, dust, rain and snow before it reaches the air filter. Air filter life can be extended by eight to ten times, while saving fuel, maximising power and extending engine life.

Independent tests show that Turbo II’s ‘custom balance’ units remove 50% more of the dust that other pre-cleaners let through to the filter, while adding only half the air restriction. There is no other unit – OEM supplied or other aftermarket – that has the balance of performance and engine protection when compared with Turbo.

Equipment Placement will specify and install the right Turbo II Pre-cleaner for your equipment – both new and retrofit.

Hoist rope impact damper

By managing control hoist bounce, the hoist rope impact damper improves both safety and productivity in any electric mining shovel. The hoist rope impact damper minimises hoist rope vibration, bounce, slap and impact. This increases hoist cable life, smoothes operation and reduces impact on equipment and personnel.

Benefits include:

  • Increased uptime and ultimately better return on investment on your shovel
  • Longer hoist rope life, which means less cost and less down time for replacement
  • Reduced vibration transfer
  • With longer rope life and fewer replacements per year comes better safety for both operators and shovel technicians
  • Managing ropes through boom jack instances and extreme slaps helps the shovel run smoother and more efficiently
  • The unique design of the hoist rope impact damper allows us to offer you the right fit for your operation

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