World Trade Association (WTA) is a global mine off-the-road (OTR) tire, radial OTR tire, giant tire and earthmover tire sales and service supplier, with a growing network of servicing dealers and customers. WTA manufactures its own OTR tire brand: Xtreme Load USA.

WTA provides high-quality mine OTR tires, radial OTR tires, giant tires and earthmover tires engineered by our team of US engineers, professional product support, warranty, and product liability insurance to customers worldwide.

Mine OTR tires

Xtreme OTR mine tires are operating in gold, silver, copper and coal mines worldwide. WTA now offers UMS and port service tires specially compounded to meet the specific demands of these operations.

World Trade Association (WTA) supplies and services OTR tires to customers worldwide.
WTA will manufacture a tire with compounds specific for your site conditions.
WTA offers a workmanship and materials warranty and product liability insurance (PLI).

OTR mine tires engineers

Xtreme Load USA OTR mine tires are designed and engineered by WTA’s experienced technical and engineering team. WTA’s team is made up of former Goodyear engineers, with combined experience of over 400 years in bias and radial design, compounding, plant management, field service, and more.

Cost-effective mine OTR tires, radial OTR tires, giant tires and earthmover tires

WTA’s extensive international relationships, manufacturing capabilities and exclusive distributor agreements, enable us to offer our mine OTR tires, radial OTR tires, giant tires and earthmover tires to customers at prices significantly below typical wholesale cost. All WTA products are covered by a workmanship and materials warranty and include product liability insurance (PLI).

Mine bias and radial OTR tires

WTA offers an expanding line of both bias and radial OTR tires for all types of earthmoving operations and conditions. The casings of WTA bias and bias belted tires are built with high-strength nylon that provides excellent bruise and fatigue resistance. Radial OTR tire casings consist of a single ply of steel cord for maximum strength and heat resistance.

Custom compounding for mine OTR tires

WTA provides custom compounding for all of our Xtreme Load USA mine OTR tires. WTA’s custom compounds include:

  • C2 – heat resistant: for high-speed or long-haul journeys with good underfoot conditions
  • C3 – standard: with moderate heat and moderate cut resistance
  • C4 – port tire compound: special abrasion-resistant compound for port equipment application
  • C5 – cut/abrasion resistant – for short-haul operation or dozer and loader application in poor underfoot conditions
  • C6 – ultra cut/abrasion resistant: for very short distance, slow-operating conditions such as shot rock quarries, and also for underground mine service in very poor underfoot conditions