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Seismic Services in Hard Rock Exploration for Life-of-Mine Planning

HiSeis provides end-to-end high-definition seismic services that focus on hard rock exploration, in particular, exploration of existing mine sites and mine life planning.


HiSeis seismic surveys

HiSeis provides end-to-end high-definition seismic services that focus on hard rock exploration; in particular, the exploration of existing mine sites and mine life planning. The company’s data reports enable investors and owners to improve their plans for the exploration and development of subsurface mineralisation.

HiSeis applies a combination of novel data acquisition equipment, innovative data processing algorithms and proprietary knowledge of seismic survey design and interpretation. Using these tools, the company delivers results even in complex geological environments where conventional seismic investigations could result in an expensive loss of time and money.

3D seismic reflection tools for life-of-mine planning

Pioneering work by HiSeis indicates that 3D seismic investigation has the ability to characterise the earth in 10m to 15m sized cubes and down to depths of several kilometres. With this volume, it is already possible to identify structures that control the distribution of mineralisation, create hazardous conditions for mining operations, or both, and to directly detect certain styles of mineralisation.

HiSeis produces reliable seismic images of hard rock environments to fast-track discovery and improve life-of-mine planning.
High-quality reports are supported by interpretation sessions to ensure that customers gain the maximum value from the data.
HiSeis's delivers seismic survey design and interpretation even in complex geological environments where conventional methods may result in the loss of time and money.
HiSeis's cutting-edge technology allows seismic surveys to be carried out by smaller crews, for a faster turnaround and lower environmental impact.
Mineral explorers and mine operators in remote areas trust HiSeis's seismic services.

HiSeis offers cost-effective, high-definition seismic reflection techniques, using the latest equipment, custom-designed 2D and 3D survey methods along with vertical seismic profiling (VSP) technology and full wave sonic (FWS) borehole logging. Through combined innovative technology and the know-how from experienced industry personnel, HiSeis produces reliable, quality seismic images of hard rock environments that will fast-track discovery and improve an operation’s life-of-mine planning.

High-performance seismic survey services

The HiSeis business model is based on the premise that a uniquely designed and well-executed high-resolution seismic survey will provide the best solution to certain exploration programmes, saving customers time and money. HiSeis strives to provide datasets of the highest quality and runs extensive interpretation sessions so that the customer gains the maximum value from the data.

Using the latest seismic equipment selected for its high performance, low environmental impact and innovations, HiSeis can operate with significantly smaller crew sizes. Over the years, the company has built up a significant client base consisting of mineral explorers and miners that operate in remote areas. By adapting to this constraint, HiSeis is able to mobilise without incurring the high costs that are common when covering relatively small areas with high-definition seismic reflection. Such operations simply can’t accommodate the dozens of workers associated with a typical seismic crew.

Design and technology for seismic data evaluation

HiSeis differentiates itself from competitors by offering a comprehensive range of seismic services, including:

  • Using cutting-edge technology and innovative designs to reduce the size and cost of acquisition teams and lower the environmental impact
  • The development and application of algorithms and software tools specifically for use with data from hard rock environments, enabling more critical information to be extracted from seismic images. The automation of this process significantly improves data turn-around times, opportunities and cost-effectiveness
  • Proprietary insight in the design, acquisition, processing and interpretation of complex 3D seismic data and the interrelationship of each of these stages
  • The provision of a seismic de-risking process that demonstrates the company’s suitability for providing the desired information, prior to committing to a survey
  • A holistic service approach to the delivery of seismic survey information

The combination of these technology and business innovations will deliver a more useful and meaningful seismic image of the geology to the customer, in a form that will facilitate better exploration and mining decisions.

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    Borehole seismic methods: full wave sonic (FWS) and vertical seismic profiling (VSP) are integral parts of a surface seismic survey.

  • De-Risking

    Seismic services have the potential to provide substantial value to the minerals industry in a range of environments, but there are some applications and environments that are not suited to seismic imaging.

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