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Bel-Ray develops and supplies high-performance lubricants to the mining industry, which can be used in mines, cement plants or quarries.

The company’s products are available worldwide with factory representation and distribution in North and South America, Australia and Africa.

Lubricants for earthmoving machinery

Bel-Ray supplies lubricants for the world’s largest draglines and electric rope shovels. Their range includes products such as Molylube SF100 semi-synthetic open gear lubricant, Molylube extreme pressure grease and Molylube SF100 semi-synthetic open gear lubricant which have been used on earthmoving machinery worldwide.

After field testing on several large electric rope shovels in South America, Bel-Ray recently introduced Molylube ultra open gear lubricant, a compound-type open gear lubricant that easily exceeds even the most difficult and demanding OEM open gear lubricant specifications.


Resurface damaged mill girth gear and pinion teeth

Once a client’s commodity has been removed from the earth it has to be processed, going through comminution or sizing.

Molylube running-in compound and Molylube repair compound can be used to resurface damaged or rough mill girth gear and pinion teeth, improve contact pattern and reduce contact pressures. Using Molylube running-in compound can extend the service life of girth gears and pinions.

Lubricant for gear and pinion teeth

Once girth gear and pinion running-in and repair have been completed the company offers Bel-Ray clear gear lubricant.

Bel-Ray Clear Gear Lubricant is a 100% synthetic, full fluid lubricant that provides a thicker film for maximum gear tooth separation. Fully separated gear teeth allows for no wear, longer lasting gears and improved reliability and availability.

The lubricant is completely fluid and easily drains to waste during normal operation. It does not form residue that collects in the tooth roots or in the shroud, and can clean old residue from previous open gear lubricants that could cost tens of thousands of dollars and downtime to remove.

Once old residues are removed, the Bel-Ray Clear Gear Lubricant is completely transparent, allowing a mill operator to perform gear and pinion condition inspections without pre-cleaning the gear teeth.

In carefully controlled field evaluations, Bel-Ray clear gear lubricant has:

  • Significantly reduced lubricant consumption by up to 78.5%, and operations tempurature by 37%
  • Reduced or eliminated vibrations and noise
  • Removed old lubricant residue and prevents the formation of new residues

Some of the largest copper and gold mines in the world are using Bel-Ray clear gear lubricant on their grinding mill girth gears and pinions.

About Bel-Ray

A Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. brand Bel-Ray Company, LLC, has been developing and supplying high performance lubricants to the international mining industry for nearly 50 years.