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Mining Cable Ducts and Soft-Wiring Technology

Established in 1965, Moduline is Australia’s largest manufacturer of cable ducting and associated components and continues to be an industry leader, offering innovative design development and quality product manufacturing.

Moduline was acquired in 2006 by Clipsal, Australia’s largest electrical accessory manufacturer. With the backing of their parent company and electrical giant, Schneider Electric, Moduline is in a position to provide the world’s best structured cabling solutions, cable ducts and accessories.

Industrial cable management trays, ducts and accessories

Moduline offers a large range of composite cable trays and accessories, which are ideal for any industrial cable management solution. The entire range is manufactured from high-grade polyester resin or Modar® resin with the option of anti-static additives.

Moduline’s range of composite cable trays, duct and accessories is ideal for areas where extreme corrosion resistance, zero halogen properties or hygiene is the overriding factor, while offering the additional benefits of being strong, lightweight and easy to handle.

Moduline is Australia’s largest manufacturer of cable ducting and associated components. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Moduline provides the world’s best structured cabling solutions, cable duct and accessories.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Moduline’s large range of composite cable trays and accessories is ideal for any industrial cable management solution.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Moduline offers a range of skirting ducts with separate compartments for power and voice/data cables and available in 3m lengths.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Moduline has recently released the M3 range of flexible wiring solutions, which includes soft-wiring accessories and busbar trunking.

Glass fibre-reinforced polyester (GRP) heavy-duty cable trays

Our glass fibre-reinforced polyester (GRP) series of heavy-duty cable trays provide a solution when cable ladder is unsuitable or applications such as data cabling or piping services for refrigeration or heating need protection.

GRP channel support systems for ducting

Moduline’s GRP channel support systems are the perfect accompaniment to other industrial support products and are ideal for mounting other industrial service items such as pipe work and ducting.

They are also manufactured from Fibastrut™, which offers high rigidity coupled with a superior load bearing to weight ratio, while being totally resistant to a wide range of corrosive agents.

Industrial skirting ducts for the mining industry

Moduline TAL Plus™ skirting ducts represent the latest design evolution and development in the Moduline cable duct range. These are the only truly universal skirting ducts available in Australia, and have the following benefits and features:

  • Separate compartments for power and voice/data cables
  • Additional ‘drop in’ barrier, creating a three-division skirting duct
  • Powder-coated or clear anodised finish, protecting exposed surfaces
  • Available in 2.4m lengths for easy handling
  • Black, opal grey and white colours or natural anodised finish

Flexible wiring for the mining industry

Moduline’s latest offering is M3, a new range of flexible wiring solutions that includes soft-wiring accessories, busbar trunking and a range of unique power and data accessories with customised solutions, perfectly suited to industrial environments. M3 is three ranges in one, designed to provide you with the ultimate soft-wiring solution:

  • Moduline soft-wiring couplers, leads and accessories
  • Moduline canalis busbar trunking system
  • Moduline cable ducting and desktop accessories

Soft-wiring technology for mining power and data

A great power and data wiring installation begins with the best technology available. For Moduline, our soft wiring architecture is based on the world-renowned standard Wieland GST ranges of installation couplers, leads and accessories.

Moduline, in conjunction with Wieland, was the first organisation to gain approval and compliance with AS/NZS 61535.1:2003 (ISO 61535.1) worldwide for the GST range at 20A. Moduline proudly offers this within its product range and gives customers access to a vast range of compatible products.

The Wieland connector system guarantees error-free contact even in the most unfavourable environmental conditions. Extension cables are available in 1m to 8m lengths and these simply connect together for you to plug-and-play any electrical or communications device.

Canalis busbar trunking power-distribution system

For serious commercial power distribution, Moduline canalis busbar trunking is the solution. Typically laid under a raised floor system or suspended above the ceiling, canalis offers three-phase power at 40A or 63A.

The system is available complete with a range of lengths, end feeds and flexible couplers, and a range of mounting and installation accessories that makes installation simple and efficient. Canalis has an IP54 rating that makes it ideal for installations in areas that have extreme conditions, such as under raised floors, in conjunction with heating and ventilation systems, and where fire sprinkler systems are installed.

Future-proof mining wiring and cabling system

Making future alterations to the M3 system is simple. The plug-and-play nature of the system means you can add on any accessory wherever it is required. Further savings are realised when the entire office configuration is revised or cleared for new tenants, as the entire M3 system can be removed and reused. This significantly reduces rewiring and material costs (especially copper) for the investor and new occupants.

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