SLS Bearings Mechanical Components for Mining Industry

SLS Bearings is a leading business enhancement solutions provider, specialised in maintenance services and distribution of mechanical components and systems. We service both light and heavy industries such as mining, marine, petrochemical, construction and electrical.

Our wide range of inventory includes bearings, belts, couplings, roller chains, hydraulics and gear motor and our maintenance services aim to reduce running costs and customer downtime while optimising our clients’ inventory.

Bearings, belts, chains, gears and hydraulic systems

SLS offers products from a number of leading manufacturers, such as Optibelt, Falk Corporation, SKF, Timken and Enerpac.
Optibelt’s drive systems consist of durable and flexible belts, which aim to lower costs and cater to the requirements of the most demanding machinery.

With a similar level of flexibility as the belts, SLS’s roller chain drives provide a secure, positive transmission of power that does not need a fixed distance between centres.

US-based Falk Corporation specialises in power transmission solutions, which range from gear drives to couplings and backstops.
Enerpac is an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulic tools, products and systems, and can specifically design innovative yet cost-effective solutions according to clients’ requirements.

Logistic and technical services

SLS operates an efficient inventory management system under the automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and an integrated IT system to support its large range of products. It also has an established distributor network around south-east Asia to sustain its logistics support.

SLS also provides technical support through its team of engineers, who perform maintenance services for our clients, such as product visual inspections, site support and mounting and dismounting services.

About SLS

SLS was founded in 1963, before it became a locally owned limited company in 1972 and was renamed SLS Bearings.
SLS has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Mongolia and has partnerships with a number of leading global brands, including Optibelt, McGill, SKF, Timken, INA, Enerpac, Tsubaki, Siemens and Permatex.

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SLS Bearings Pte Ltd.

31 Tuas Avenue 11

Singapore 639105


+65 6865 2323 +65 6862 3662

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SLS Bearings Pte Ltd.

31 Tuas Avenue 11

Singapore 639105


+65 6865 2323 +65 6862 3662

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