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Environmental and Social Consultancy Services for the Mining Sector

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Rescology provides quality environmental and social consultancy services for mining projects in Western Australia, Africa and Asia.

We are well-positioned to support Australian entities operating in any of these jurisdictions. We believe that the interface between the environment and people are inextricably linked and that both disciplines require an integrated approach to ensure effective and successful outcomes.

We bring a depth and breadth of international and Australian experience to each project and company. We work with exploration and mining companies across various phases of the project lifecycle to effectively address social and environmental risk, build strategy, and manage projects.

Rescology works with exploration and mining companies to effectively address social and environmental risks.
We provide rehabilitation performance evaluations and strategies to improve remediation and performance.
We work with exploration and mining companies across various phases of the project.
Rescology provides environmental management support for mineral exploration and seismic surveys in Western Australia.

Our commodity and industry experience includes precious metals, base metals, lithium and graphite, minerals sands, diamonds, rare earths, potash, onshore deep well drilling, industrial land development and linear infrastructure.

Operational social licences for mining companies

Rescology helps companies build a social licence to operate, underpinned by sustainable environmental practice.

We draw upon extensive global networks, award-winning performance and experience in adverse areas to help problem solve, engage stakeholders, innovate, strategise and mitigate risk by significant issues.

Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA)

Rescology works with companies to develop and manage environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA), prepare projects for compliance with international standards, obtain approvals and permits.

We achieve this by integrating national legislation, local content and knowledge,  and international standards.

Rescology help companies solve intricate environmental and social challenges and enhance opportunities in multicultural, multi-scale and sensitive areas. We draw upon unique experiences and integration into African culture to help build authentic stakeholder relations and reputation.

Exploration environmental management

In Western Australia, Rescology provides environmental management support for mineral exploration and seismic surveys.

We develop exploration environmental management plans to ensure effective mitigation of impacts on environmental and social values. This includes impact assessment, approval and permits required under the Mining Act 1978 and other acts endorsed under the exploration or mining licence.

Rescology can also help draw up exploration environmental management plans for precious metals, rare earths, lithium and graphite, minerals sands and iron ore.

Stakeholder engagement, identification and mapping services

Rescology works with companies to identify and map stakeholders, develop stakeholder engagement plans, participate in and implement programmes.

We assist clients with engagement strategy, dispute resolution, negotiations, mentoring and through our networks, the integration of local people, and community project participation.

Strategy development for mining projects

Rescology represents and assists owners as part of their team in developing and implementing strategies to ensure mine delivery.

We help junior mining companies with creating environmental and social governance frameworks; the early and sustained engagement of communities; and local, regional and national regulatory agencies in developing and sustaining a licence to operate and close.

Due diligence environmental, social and mine closure

Rescology helps to support mining companies, investors, brokers, private equity and high net worth individuals with environmental, social and mine closure due diligence for mergers and acquisitions or various investment portfolios.

Our experience includes gold, copper, polymetallic ores, minerals sands, graphite and lead in Southern, West and East Africa, Central South America, Philippines, Western Australia and Armenia.

International environmental and social governance frameworks

Rescology helps companies to build projects and develop strategies for impact assessment and approvals, including obscure and changing mining jurisdictions.

This includes working on projects from the scoping through to the bankable feasibility stage, identification and mapping of stakeholders, as well as strategy for stakeholder engagement and addressing complex scenarios with small-scale artisanal mining.

The jurisdictions where we have helped include Kenya, Tanzania, Armenia, Botswana, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

Environmental management systems

Rescology can assist companies with the development and maintenance of effective and efficient environmental management systems to facilitate companies meeting their environmental and social requirements without unnecessary administrative burdens.

This includes incorporating local legislative requirements, company commitments and international standards, where appropriate.

Rescology can also assist with auditing projects against any relevant environmental management systems.

Our team’s experience in this area includes the improvement and maintenance of the major project environmental management system of a global mining company in Western Australia.

Mine closure plans, rehabilitation implementation and programme management

Rescology works with companies to develop mine closure plans.

Aspects include the coordination and integration of multidisciplinary technical inputs, development of closure costs, closure objectives, completion criteria, implementation schedules and monitoring programmes.

We also provide rehabilitation performance evaluations and strategy for remediation and performance improvement.

We are experienced in large-scale rehabilitation programmes for companies in various regions of Western Australia and Africa.

About Rescology

Founded in 2017 by Cathy Galli, Rescology has within a short period attracted significant projects in Western Australia, East, West and Southern Africa, the Philippines, Armenia and Central America.

The company enjoys the support of a small team of high-quality environmental and social professionals either through association or as part of our core team.

Our work is largely referral based, an environmental and social due diligence in Central America lead to a due diligence in the Philippines, an audit, statutory reporting, weed and rehabilitation management on projects in Western Australia involving the same geologists.

Due to Galli’s unparalleled experience in the African and Australasian continents, Rescology is uniquely positioned to provide the most in-depth knowledge and be the interface between the commercial and community aspects of exploration projects.

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