Liebherr-International AG (Liebherr) designs, manufactures and supplies construction machinery globally. Liebherr’s portfolio of products includes tower cranes, wheeled loaders, truck cranes, hydraulic rope excavators, hydraulic excavators, pipe-laying machines, dumper trucks, crawler tractors and loaders, concrete mixing plants and truck mixer models. The company also provides services such as supply of spare parts and components, logistics, rental and hospitality services.

Liebherr provides FMS through LiDAT, the data transfer and positioning system, which allows for uniform vehicle park and fleet management of Liebherr machines from the product areas of earth moving technology, duty-cycle crawler cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, and maritime cranes. Because machines from other manufacturers can be integrated, large machine parks can be managed.

LiDAT provides information for machine localization and operation. Examples include machine positioning, periods of operation and use, fuel consumption, and service interval details.

The system is available as a basic “LiDAT Standard” package that can be used with any manufacturer’s machine. For the enhanced technical capabilities of Liebherr machines, “LiDAT Plus” and supplementary packages for duty-cycle crawler cranes, crawler cranes, and special deep foundation machines are available.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Comprehensive fleet management from one source for various machine configurations, including equipment from other manufacturers.
  • Remote monitoring: instant localization of machines and supervision of optimal equipment operation.
  • Strategic parts planning and scheduled maintenance reduce cost substantially and machine down time.
  • Intelligent maintenance scheduling increases availability of the machines.
  • Systematic documentation of overloading and faulty operations.
  • LiDAT data can be used as a basis for the calculation of rental rates.