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Occupational Risk Management Consultancy Services and Training Courses for Mining

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NOSA is a South African company that has grown into a leading global supplier of occupational risk management services.

Solutions enable clients to create a safe working environment for their workforce which improves business performance.

NOSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African-listed MICROmega group, and is proudly the most recognised brand in the SHEQ risk management industry.

The NOSA mining division holds many years of practical mining experience and can offer auditing, consulting and training services where necessary. NOSA mining has operated in countries throughout the world and is ready to assist you with their expertise.

Occupational risk management solutions for mine oeprations

Companies worldwide have chosen NOSA’s services based on its risk management solutions and proven performance in reducing workplace incidents.

NOSA takes a highly flexible approach to providing services and support products, enabling clients to have a ‘tailor-made’ service for their specific needs and risk profile.

In addition to their risk management services, NOSA offers a holistic range of certification services, including basic legal compliance audits, integrated safety, health and environmental management system audits, consultancy and training.

Training programmes for the mining industry

NOSA’s occupational risk management training programmes are created based on the industry’s modern principles to equip all employees in a company with the knowledge and skills to reduce workplace incidents, create healthier working environments and identify and manage environmental impacts in an integrated manner.

NOSA training programmes can be tailored to suit any client’s requirements, allotted time and working environment. Trainers employed by companies implementing the NOSA Integrated Five Star System can be licensed by NOSA to present selected courses on-site, at their own convenience. NOSA has also recently launched an e-learning version based on the highly popular SAMTRAC course.

Consulting services for mining

NOSA offers a complete range of consulting solutions, including risk assessment, diagnostic reviews, management system development and implementation, legal services and monitoring of environmental stressors. Consultancy services add value to a business, whether it is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001, the NOSA systems or any internal or unique system.

Integrated risk management assessment for mine sites

NOSA has recognised that information technology will be integral to the successful management of health, safety and environmental exposure for companies in the future.

MIRACLES is an easy-to-use system for mining projects and companies to monitor their integrated risk management assessments and maintain effective control. The system proactively alerts key users on essential risk management activities and is compatible with standard ISO and NOSA specifications.

NOSA has also recently launched an electronic ‘incident management system’, NOSA-ims, which assists with the management of incidents anywhere within the company worldwide.

Mining-specific heights safety training courses

NOSA continuously works towards innovative solutions to enable mining companies to succeed in an ever-changing business environment. In addition to our risk management solutions and training, NOSA also offers working at heights safety courses. Presented by qualified and experienced practitioners, these courses are offered at all training academies across Southern Africa or in-house at the client’s premises.

About NOSA

The NOSA mining division holds many years of practical mining experience and can offer auditing, consulting and training services where necessary. NOSA mining has operated in countries throughout the world is ready to assist you with our expertise.

Press Releases

  • NOSA Hosts 53rd NOSHCON Conference

    NOSA will host its 53rd NOSHCON occupational risk management conference and exhibition at Champagne Sports Resort in Drakensberg from the 9 - 12 September 2014.

Block A, Ground Floor
Centurion Office Building
Embankment Road
South Africa

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