pewag group is one of the oldest chain manufacturers in the world with a history that can be traced back to the 15th century. It’s range of products varies from tyre protection chains for mining vehicles, traction chains and snow chains for passenger cars, trucks and special-purpose vehicles over different industrial chains, to products for the do-it-yourself sector.

Mining vehicle tyre protection chains

With our protection chains, pewag offers safety, reliability, savings and productivity. Our lower direct hourly operating costs allow the following benefits:

  • Multiplied tyre life – significant reduction in tyre costs
  • Predictable service life of chains and tyres – accurate budgeting at lower costs
  • Minimised downtime due to tire failure – maximum equipment availability
  • Improved stability, increased traction and better penetration for digging and break-out increased productivity in tonnage per hour
  • Optimum tire protection – reduced tire maintenance
  • Protection plus traction with chain use – safe operation even in worst conditions (on rock, fire and ice)

Our tyre protection chains can be used on mining applications such as open pit mining, underground mining and tunneling, quarrying, slag, and scrap and traction.

pewag is one of the oldest chain manufacturers in the world.
Our products include tyre protection chains for mining vehicles, traction chains and snow chains for passenger cars, trucks and special-purpose vehicles.
Our after-sales service includes everything from technical assistance to relevant risk assessments.
The pewag premium series uses some of the strongest chains in the world.

Tyre protection chain after-sales service

An after-sales service is offered by the pewag worldwide network and includes services such as:

  • Technical assistance and repair by chain experts
  • Training in chain handling (mounting, correct tensioning, repair, adjustment, dismantling, etc.)
  • Inspection calls including performance reporting
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Special tools and accessories facilitating chain handling and maintenance
  • Manuals and relevant risk assessments

World’s strongest tyre protection chains

The new pewag premium series comprises the latest link generation pewag tycoon and the highly successful link pewag ringstar. The series is aimed at users of XXL equipment such as world’s largest wheel loader LeTourneau 2350, and those who are working in the toughest and most abrasive conditions, including, open pit and underground mining, quarrying and many other applications.

High-performance chains for tough jobs

The pewag professional series includes the wide link range of pewag’s most reliable and long-term successful tyre protection chains such as the pewag compact, pewag granite and pewag spike. The pewag professional series is aimed at all customers using XS-XXL equipment (up to LeTourneau 1850, WA 1200 or CAT 994) in soft to hard rock, steel plants and on any really tough applications. These chains also provide an optimum solution for all users who require traction (and sufficient protection) on ice, snow and any other slippery or muddy terrain.

High-quality mining vehicle chains

The new pewag basic series from pewag contains the new link generation pewag tyro. It is 100% manufactured in Austria to the high-quality standards of pewag. The main focus of the pewag basic series are all customers working in soft to medium hard environment and using S-L equipment (tyre dimension up to 45/65-45).