For more than 50 years RPM has been advancing the mining industry through premier consulting and advisory services and technology solutions.

Guided by our underlying principles of mining expertise, innovation and sustainability, we strive to create safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations for our mining customers. Our focus on providing advanced mining technology, together with deep domain expertise across the mining lifecycle enables us to guide customers through the current and emerging challenges being faced by the industry worldwide. This includes helping them meet the shift in social norms and consumer and investor ESG related expectations. ​

Software solutions to advance the mining industry

For over 50 years RPMGlobal has been Advancing Mining with technology solutions that provide a step-change to the accepted process. We help mining operations extract more value through innovative software solutions and mining experience.

Design Suite: RPMGlobal’s innovative design solutions use parametric modelling to automate typically manual, tedious processes. Our highly graphical and interactive solutions allow many alternative designs to be generated for consideration.
Scheduling Suite: Our advanced suite of scheduling solutions cover all time horizons. Our solutions have been built on the mining industry’s leading scheduling platform and cover every commodity and mining method.
Simulation Suite: RPMGlobal provides the mining industry’s only Discrete Event Simulation specifically built for both miners and OEMs. These can be used in all operations to support a range of activities.
Finance Suite: RPMGlobal’s leading financial suite will deliver a Zero-Based-Budget using the mine’s physical attributes to generate a budget based scheduled activities rather than using last year’s actuals or budget.
Asset Management Suite: At the heart of RPMGlobal’s maintenance solutions is our Dynamic Lifecycle Costing Calculator, an engine that forecasts, in real-time, every maintenance event for an asset to the end of its life.
Operations Suite: RPMGlobal’s operational solutions provide powerful insights by validating, normalising and storing multiple operational capture systems. This ensures continuity of planning is carried across the operational teams to break down silos.
Optimisation Suite: RPMGlobal’s growing suite of optimisation solutions aid strategic decision support so operations can generate more value. Our sophisticated solutions lower risk and deliver higher value across the mining value chain.
Sustainability Suite: Our ESG software solutions proactively monitor and report on your carbon emissions to support environmental management and reporting requirements to amplify long-term strategic goals and create a sustainable future.
Advisory & Consulting: RPMGlobal advises the industry on their critical issues and opportunities, from exploration through to rehabilitation and mine closure. This extends across physicals, financials and environmental, social, and governance factors.
Training: RPMGlobal is the go-to provider of professional development and software training for the mining industry. Our approach to learning is through discussion, practical workshops and real-life case studies.

RPMGlobal’s software solutions are built on open industry standards and with an enterprise approach to seamlessly connect systems and information across the mining value chain. Our solutions span the entire life of mine, including design and reserving, planning and scheduling, asset management and sustainability. We take an innovative approach to our development, focusing on solutions that advance what is currently available. This has led us to push the boundaries and utilise the latest technologies to build the next generation of products.

Advisory services catered to your operation

At RPM, we understand the unique requirements of miners, financiers and the broader community. Our consulting and advisory expertise spans all key mining regions, methods and commodities globally. We partner with mining clients and investment firms to deliver bespoke and independent insights and advice based on our strong understanding of the mining industry’s requirements and the challenges it faces today and into the future, including environmental, social, and governance factors.

RPM has been providing this expertise for over 50 years and has delivered over 14,000 studies and reviews across all key mining regions of the world.

ESG solutions for a sustainable future

We understand that capturing your organisation’s efforts and contributions to the environment and community is paramount. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has rapidly evolved to be at the forefront of corporate reputation within the industry. Mining organisations must ensure that the frameworks address ESG matters for the wider community and investors. Establishing and maintaining your unique framework for ESG at the expected form of governance is imperative, and RPMGlobal has the leading tools to assist

RPMGlobal’s integrated ESG services include environmental impact assessments, operational environmental management, and strategic environmental governance support. In addition, we been developing our industry-leading software solutions to support your organisation on the march to net zero.

Mining specific training from miners

Our industry-leading training is offered both in the classroom and online to suit your unique needs. RPMGlobal offers a range of courses, both industry and product-based to assist in your professional development and industry knowledge. Public Training courses are offered throughout the year in various regions, check out our calendar here. Mining Industry Training has a growing library of online mining courses available for clients to purchase through our online store. For customised, private sessions, enquire here for specifically configured content, enabling stronger collaboration for your company.

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Our purpose is to advance the mining industry towards a safer, more efficient and a more sustainable future through the delivery of innovative software solutions and deep domain mining expertise.

With technology and services provided in more than 125 countries around the world, we support our customers out of offices in 24 locations across 15 countries. RPM has provided services and solutions in virtually every commodity and mining method there is

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