ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is a South Africa-based company, which provides lifting solutions for the mining industry through customised equipment to fit unique requirements and project challenges.

Standard winches, conveyors and lifting equipment for mining projects

The ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS standard range includes power / electric winches, conveyor, take-up winches, and hand winches.

ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS conveyor take-up winches are suitable for use on long overland and underground conveyors, as well as automatic tensioning systems. The ABACUS take-up winches are designed to handle back electromotive force (back-EMF). ABACUS take-up winches are designed to eliminate oil leak problems. ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS focuses on uncomplicated designs that makes servicing easy and replacing parts without breaking any mechanical seals. No special tools are required with any of the ABACUS winches.

Mining projects have a high-demand for heavy-duty lifting equipment. The ABACUS hand winch range is suitable for conveyor tensioning and is robust and capable of accommodating the requirements of industrial mining environments.

ABACUS manufactures a wide range of lifting equipment and accessories, including four shaft-sinking winders.
The company provides a variety of construction hoists and man-riding lift winders.
ABACUS solutions are designed to comply with ISO 9001 standards.
The company supplies equipment, such as sheaves and wheels, in bulk for a variety of customer needs.
ABACUS manufactures slew conveyors for projects, such as Universal Coal in Delmas, RSA. The conveyor was designed by HCE.
The ABACUS motorised hand winch provides enhanced lifting capabilities.
ABACUS parent-company HCE provides professional consultation for mechanical and structural engineering.
ABACUS and HCE provide turnkey packages, application-specific lifting equipment, and professional consultation for mining projects.
HCE provides process flow and instrumentation diagrams, drawings and layouts to support mining projects.
The company offers high-quality, customised lifting equipment solutions.

The ABACUS motorised hand winch offers enhanced lifting capabilities over standard hand winches. It is easily operated by running the motor in either forward or reverse to move the load up or down.

Customised winches, winders, and shaft sinking lifting equipment

The ABACUS custom designs products to suit customer requirements. Customised products include shaft sinking equipment, stage winders, kibble winders, construction hoist, and lifts or man hoists, as well as crawl beam systems, jib cranes and sheave wheels, scraper winches, pilling winches, diesel winches and custom hand winches.

When ordering a take-up winch through ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, first a conveyor analysis will be done to make sure the ABACUS winch can withstand all forces involved in the conveyor application that is used. Secondly, if one of the ABACUS standard take-up winch range is not suitable, ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS will adapt to suit the application by customising it. This process saves money over time.

ABACUS strives to deliver high-quality solutions to the marketplace through its custom designed product ranges, which all comply with ISO 9001 standards.

Bulk supplies for mining projects

ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS can supply equipment in bulk for a variety of requirements, such as when a new plant is being started up.

ABACUS provides a wide range of products, such as vertical and horizontal sheave wheels, conveyor take-up winches and power / electric winches.

Specialist consultation and turnkey solutions

ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS and its parent company, HOLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS provide solutions for a variety of mining project requirements, including turnkey packages, application-specific lifting equipment, and professional consultation for mechanical and structural engineering.

HOLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS is an in-house project management company with a multi-discipline engineering design office, which focuses on production optimisation and problem-solving.

The company also has drawing capabilities, with process and production simulation feasibility studies. HOLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS will assist with specification documentation in tender processes and scope of work definition, as well as assisting with equipment specifications.

In addition, the technical tender adjudications can be reviewed, whilst specifying the fabrication and installation.

Flow / process instrumentation diagrams and 3D plant and engineering layouts

HOLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS draws process flow and instrumentation diagrams, engineering layouts and general arrangement drawings.

The company also creates 3D plant layouts, including walk-through and fly-through facilities.

HOLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS also provides structural designs of industrial buildings and structures, such as conveyors, plan equipment support and workshop structures.

In addition, the company also offers finite element analysis services and can design material-handling systems.


ABACUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS and HOLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS work side-by-side to address mechanical and structural challenges in the marketplace.

The two companies are based in South Africa, which strongly positions them in a central location with large shipping harbours, facilitating the shipment of its products, including large stage winders, kibble winders and man-riding hoists worldwide.