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Ecological Restoration Products and Services for the Mining Sector

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Field’s Environmental Solutions specialises in revegetation and land management services for the mining, civil and government sectors.

We also offer a wide range of native seedlings and plants, along with nursery products.

Our professional services include tree planting, weed spraying, seedling development in a large native nursery, soil preparation and consultation.

Field’s Environmental Solutions provide a wide range of tree guards, hardwood stakes, fertilizers, geo-fabrics and jute matting.
Field’s Environmental Solutions helps you meet your targets in challenging environments. Order online for Beast Guard Tree Guards or call us direct on 0413130895.
Field’s Environmental Solutions supplies a wide range of erosion control products including geo fabrics and natural fibre jute mesh. We can supply the correct product for your situation.
Field’s Environmental Solutions specialises in growing provenance seedlings unique to your project. To order, call us direct on 0413130895.
Download our products brochure to order online or call us direct on 0413130895
Consult with Biobank Seed for scheduled seed collection and establishing Seed Production Areas.
Native seed collected by Biobank Seed is, provenance specific, genetically valuable and ethically collected.
Biobank Seed can provide quality grass harvesting solutions.
Biobank Seed conducts viability and dormancy breaking tests. Seed coating is used to maximise outcomes and minimise expense.

Agricultural and land management products for mining applications

Field’s Environmental Solutions sells a wide range of products for land management, revegetation, landscaping, agriculture, nursery products and soil erosion control.

Our portfolio includes Beast Guard corflute tree guards, hardwood stakes, jute weed matting, fertilisers and Geofabrics solutions.

We organise fast delivery or free local collections.

Revegetation services

Field’s Environmental Solutions focuses on ecological restoration for the mining sector, improving water quality and dust mitigation.

This work is carried out on the mine lease and the bio-diversity offsets areas as required in the mine operation plan, and is overseen by the Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the conditions of approval.

Services include consultation and on-ground activities to remediate works carried out by the clients and include providing and establishing provenance seedlings and seed for erosion stabilisation, replacing the bio-diversity layer using native seed and establishing seedlings onto environmentally degraded landscapes.

Native seedling development

Field’s Environmental Solutions can help companies with native species selection and deliver high-quality seedlings.

We ensure your seedlings are ready when your project is completed. We can also provide ‘Hiko’ seedlings from locally collected native seed and soil types.

Field’s Environmental Solutions ensures high genetic quality seed is available either through ‘wild harvest’ or seed production areas.

Native seed is an expensive commodity and therefore the efficient use of seed must be optimised by increased quality, reducing waste and developing efficient seed distribution methods.

Field’s Environmental Solutions is currently producing 450,000 seedlings a year from a wide range of species, including grasses, shrubs, vines and trees, and providing provenance seedlings into the market for ecological restoration projects across the state.

Seed collection and testing capabilities

Our seed science and research partner BioBank Seed supplies high-quality tested seed to clients that are grown to develop seedlings for establishment on biodiversity offsets and rehabilitation sites.

We undertake direct seeding methodology, along with seed treatment and dormancy manipulation.

BioBank Seed has a range of resources to maximise ecological restoration outcomes, including seed cleaning and storage facilities, coating and site preparation equipment, direct seeding machinery, as well as seed collection and grass harvesting.

Workplace Health and Safety Commitment

Field’s Environmental Solutions offers a wide range of contract services to deliver high yielding results for large projects. We have trained work health and safety (WHS) officers to ensure a consistently high level of safety.

Environment restoration consultancy services

Field’s Environmental Solutions team of senior consultants effectively provide advice on delivering ecological restoration for your projects.

Our services include ground preparation, seedling development, planting, plant watering, in addition to guarding, pest, spraying, and weed management.

We offer:

  • Project design and ground preparation
  • Species identification and suitability
  • Environmental product supply
  • Timing and maintenance

About Field’s Environmental Solutions

For more than 25 years, Field’s Environmental Solutions has been supplying ecological restoration products to meet the increasing demands in providing and sustaining native biodiversity in Australia.

Our success comes from a proven track record of achieving native environmental targets.

Field’s Environmental Solutions is a specialist wholesale nursery that uses a high-volume delivery system to accomplish native revegetation goals. Professional results are maintained throughout each land management programme and each planting and revegetation team is committed to a safe work methodology for each site.

Our Seed Science partnership with BioBank Seed ensures successful biodiversity and sustainability, which allows us to ensure high yield results of native species for future generations.

White Papers

  • Ecological Restoration

    Field's Environmental Solutions include land management, revegetation, landscaping, agriculture, nursery products, and soil erosion control.

Products & services

  • Seedlings

    Field’s Environmental Solutions can help you with native species selection and premium quality seedlings delivered to you.

  • Coir Logs

    The movement of water across an area devoid of vegetation has a high chance to cause major environmental damage in the form of erosion and sediment run-off. Coir Logs are a product designed to tackle these problems, simply and effectively.

  • Jute and Recycled Fibre Matting

    Soil stabilisation and erosion control are fundamental elements of any revegetation project involving disturbed ground, earthworks, stockpiling or sloping sites.

  • Hardwood Stakes

    Wooden stakes are widely used in any tree establishment or revegetation project and come in a range of sizes.

  • Tree Guards

    When establishing trees, the first two years are of crucial importance to the longevity and success of the project.

25 Rowan Ave
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