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Bulk Materials Handling for the Mining Sector

Martin Engineering is a world leader in helping bulk materials handling processes to be cleaner, safer, and more productive.

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Martin Engineering is a world leader in helping industries handle bulk materials.

With a global presence and over 75 years’ experience, we focus on innovation, safety, sustainability, and performance, and our products and solutions guarantee the availability and reliability of conveyor systems. 

We offer technologies that boost flow, reduce dust and spillage, extend component life, and reduce downtime, resulting in improved operating environments and increased profitability. We ensure the useful life of conveyor components and other conveyor components, valuing the health and safety of our employees. We are more than just a manufacturer of quality products; we are a provider of expertise.

High-performing belt cleaners keep belts clean, eliminating carryback and making conveyor systems safer and more productive.
By keeping belts tracked correctly, you can keep material in the flow stream and eliminate runaway dust.
Apply precisely timed bursts of air to prevent material buildup on interior container walls and obstructions at discharge ports.
At Martin®, we’ve been manufacturing products that move bulk material safely and protect employees from potential risks for decades.
Control airborne dust, eliminate risks, keep your employees safe and boost your performance.
Vibrators to prevent bin and hopper flow problems as well as rotary electric vibratory drives for industrial processing equipment.
Boost your productivity by thoroughly unloading each truckload and getting trucks back on the road fast.
Keep conveyor systems precisely aligned and in the load zone, resulting in better efficiency and preventing fugitive material.
Minimize fugitive material, including dust, with quality skirting and wear liner products.
The practical resource for cleaner, safer, more productive dust & material control.

Keeping belts clean is more than just a matter of cleanliness

High-performing belt cleaners keep belts clean, eliminating carryback and making conveyor systems safer and more productive. At Martin Engineering, we offer belt cleaners that work with all belt sizes and speeds, regardless of industry or type of material. We also offer belt cleaners that work in the most challenging and unique environments, such as on conveyor systems where there’s minimal space around the head pulley.

Our specialty belt cleaners include conveyor belt washing systems, belt brush cleaners, food-grade belt scrapers, water cleaners and high-temperature cleaners, all engineered for challenging conditions and unusual materials.

Efficient Transfer Point Solutions

Transfer points are critically important to the efficiency and productivity of any conveyor system, but they are also highly complex from an engineering perspective. At Martin, our transfer point products are designed to be effective over a long work life, even under the most demanding conditions.

With an unwavering commitment to optimizing conveyor systems, Martin®’s innovative solutions revolutionize the efficiency and safety of material transfer processes. These solutions are meticulously engineered to mitigate challenges such as spillage, dust emissions, and excessive wear at transfer points.

Eliminate the fugitive material and experience better results

The success of a belt conveyor operation depends on the system’s ability to handle bulk material without any waste or damage to the equipment. Therefore, in addition to efficiently removing the product adhering to the belt, it is essential to reduce the amount of fugitive material, preventing dust and fine particles from escaping.

Thinking about how to overcome this challenge has led Martin Engineering to develop a range of sealing and skirting products that are installed along the entire conveyor. With this technology, your operation will experience more safety, higher throughput, better efficiency and consequently more revenue.

Keep material flowing efficiently from start to finish

Designed to tackle the challenges of material flow in diverse industries, Martin® ‘s flow aid solutions are engineered to prevent blockages, enhance material movement, and increase overall operational efficiency. 

A range of cutting-edge products such as Air Cannons and Industrial Vibrators, these offerings effectively dislodge and facilitate the flow of stubborn materials, reducing downtime, preventing equipment damage, and ensuring continuous production.

In addition to the high-quality flow-aid products available, Martin Engineering manufactures a selection of accessories that make those products more efficient and more effective, including retrofit valves that make air cannons from any manufacturer perform better. Martin also provides electronic control equipment for its flow-aid products, as well as accessories designed to improve worker safety. 

Our expertise summarized in a book

For over 30 years, Martin Engineering’s Foundations™ books have taught industry personnel to operate and maintain clean, safe, and productive belt conveyors; from head to tail and everything in between.

The books are the authoritative resource for efficient bulk materials handling covering conveyors with a comprehensive, real-world approach. It provides valuable information to all industries and personnel at all levels.

It takes readers from the basics of how and why conveyors run as they do (and where problems come from) to how to prevent spillage, dust, and carryback as well as how to correct tracking and engineer a conveyor belt washing system.

White Papers

  • Belt Mistracking: Aligning and Optimizing Operations

    Belt mistracking in conveyor systems is a prevalent issue involving the misalignment of the belt along the conveyor structure. This misalignment can stem from various factors such as improper installation, material buildup, or mechanical failures.

  • Air Cannons: Compressed Air is the Best Solution

    Air cannons are industrial devices used to solve material flow problems in various bulk material handling applications. Designed to address issues related to material buildup, blockages, and flow interruptions in hoppers, silos, chutes, and other material handling equipment.

Press Releases

  • Martin Stewardship Program: Pledging Commitment to Sustainable Practices

    For nearly eight decades, Martin Engineering has been a stalwart in championing cleaner, safer, and more efficient operations. We have undertaken important commitments to environmental, social, and corporate governance sustainability best practices, which we at Martin Engineering call the Martin Stewardship Program.

  • Safeguarding Productivity through Maintenance

    Regular maintenance of conveyor systems offer benefits that directly impact the efficiency, safety, and overall productivity of your site. A well-structured maintenance schedule emerges as a vital cornerstone.

Products & services

  • Air Cannons

    Sometimes referred to as blasters, air cannons shoot bursts of compressed air into a chute to dislodge built-up materials. The systems themselves are essentially just reservoirs of factory-compressed air attached to fast-acting discharge valves and tied to a system that controls the pattern of the bursts.

  • Belt Tracker

    Belt misalignment places stress on the rollers, idlers, and other conveyor components, leading to increased maintenance and repair costs. In the worst cases, it can even lead to catastrophic accidents, endangering the well-being of employees and further escalating financial losses.

  • Belt Cleaning (Primary Belt Cleaners)

    Martin Engineering’s 79 years of experience led us to understand that avoiding material loss is one of the main challenges for industries that handle bulk material. 

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