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Wolfgang Preinfalk

Repair and Manufacture of Drives and Drive Systems

Wolfgang Preinfalk is a drive system manufacturer that has been supplying the mining industry in Germany and abroad for more than 30 years.

Im Oberen Werk 4,
66386 St. Ingbert,

Im Oberen Werk 4,
66386 St. Ingbert,

Wolfgang Preinfalk

Wolfgang Preinfalk is a drive system manufacturer that has been supplying the mining industry in Germany and abroad for more than 30 years. To ensure our systems are of the highest quality, all of our products are produced in-house at our 20,000m² factory, where we use state-of-the-art technology and machinery.

Wolfgang Preinfalk provides a complete service to its customers. Our service starts with consultancy and engineering, and we take care of material sourcing, production and assembly. Once completed, we install our product and provide instruction and training as required.

Our high level of expertise allows us to provide informed, valuable advice to our clients throughout the process, and our experience enables us to supply you with high-quality products.

Systems for mining applications

With extensive experience designing machinery for the mining industry, Wolfgang Preinfalk is ideally placed to supply solutions for all areas of raw materials production. We are positioned to supply custom solutions that perfectly suit your requirements.

Systems supplied by Wolfgang Preinfalk include:

  • Dry systems for longwall and entry conveyors
  • Conveyor systems
  • Cutting extraction and drifting systems

Chain conveyor drives

One of Wolfgang Preinfalk’s most popular products for the mining industry is chain conveyor drives. These are ideal for longwall and entry conveyors, and are designed to meet the needs of modern, large-scale mine sites.

Preinfalk chain conveyor drives are designed to work with planetary helical gear transmission PSPL sizes 15 – 95 and bevel helical gear and planetary gear transmission PKPL sizes 15 – 95.

Our drives are designed to be robust and long-lasting, with transmission housed in a torsion-resistant, unibody case. Drive and output gaskets are designed to be wear-resistant, and gear geometries comply with DIN 3990 and DIN 3991.

Each component is built using the most appropriate materials and treated to be as strong as possible. Our bevel gears are made with hardened steel, while our plant carriers are made of cast steel with hardened steel gearing. Sprockets are made with high-strength tempered steel and are subjected to nitration.

The drives also come with an integrated oil cooler and a flange pump offers pressure lubrication. Optional sensor equipment is also available.

Drives for above and underground belt conveyors

Wolfgang Preinfalk also manufactures belt conveyor drives for use above and underground. These are designed to output up to 1,500KW per drive, depending on belt length and width, and can withstand demanding underground applications.

Our belt conveyor drives are designed to a high operational safety and performance grade, and have been developed with durability and application in mind. Key construction features include:

  • Two, three or multi-stage bevel helical gear transmissions with drive-side flange or hollow shaft construction
  • FEM-optimised housing made using welding techniques or spheroidal graphite iron
  • Drive-side flanged construction to enable a coupling brake unit to be mounted
  • DIN 3990 and DIN 3991-compliant gear geometries
  • High-quality, case-hardened steel bevel gear stages, made with a polished or HPG construction
  • High-strength case-hardened steel pinion shafts and spur gears, which are heat-treated and polished
  • Hollow shafts and output-side flange made with heat-treated, case-hardened steel
  • Reinforced mounting
  • Exchangeable spur gear stages

Wolfgang Preinfalk also offers optional drive oil coolers and sensor equipment.

Custom drives for mining applications

Wolfgang Preinflak can provide custom solutions to all of your underground and over-ground drive needs. As well as developing drives, we can repair existing machinery. Previous development and repair work we have been contracted to undertake includes:

  • Development and repair of cutting drives
  • Development and repair of loader and conveyor drives for longwall tunnelling machines and continuous miners
  • Construction of longwall cutting loaders
  • Repair of longwall cutting loaders

Service and repair of mining machinery

We can provide service and repair services for any brand of machinery thanks to our decades of experience. Our repair service starts with a complete analysis of the work required and the budget we are working to. Repairs are undertaken using high-quality components, and are fully tested using our own test stand.

If you would like to know more about our services, or have a specific requirement or issue to discuss, please contact us using the information below. We are always keen to work with our customers to find the ideal solution.

Wolfgang Preinfalk

Im Oberen Werk 4


66386 St. Ingbert