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Rubber Fabric and Steel Cord Conveyor Belts, Rubber Mixtures and Plates

Fabryka Taśm Transporterowych Wolbrom SA (FTT WOLBROM) is the successor and continuator of the Polish rubber industry tradition with more than 100 years of experience.

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Fabryka Taśm Transporterowych Wolbrom SA (FTT WOLBROM) is the successor and continuator of the Polish rubber industry tradition with more than 100 years of experience. Founded in 1908, FTT has developed to become one of the most modern rubber manufacturers in Europe. Our basic product range includes rubber fabric and steel cord conveyor belts, rubber mixtures and rubber plates.

Since 1995 the company has been applying the ISO 9001 standard. Our textile division secures our fabric supply and allows for quick realization of customers’ orders. The long-lasting cooperation with our customers and research institutes has consolidated the high quality of our products, which meet European and world standards.

We have exported conveyor belts to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Greece, Finland, Norway, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

Rubber fabric conveyor belts

Our rubber fabric conveyor belts are manufactured with tensile strengths from 315kN/m to 3150kN/m, widths from 400mm to 1,800mm, and a carcass made of Polyamide (P) or Polyester Polyamide (EP) in the following versions:

  • General purpose
  • Non-flammable
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Low-temperature resistant
  • GTP flame-resistant belts for underground mining
  • Special application belts

General purpose rubber fabric conveyor belts

General purpose rubber fabric conveyor belts transport loose and lump materials under typical working conditions in the temperatures from -25°C to +60°C. The belts are used in strip mines, metallurgy, quarries, cement plants and others. According to customer demands they can be made in different grades of rubber covers.

Non-flammable rubber fabric conveyor belts

Non-flammable conveyor belts are suitable for carrying material in places where danger of fire or explosion exists, e.g. the mining industry, power and fertilizer plants. Apart from improved fire resistance, these belts have anti-static properties.

High temperature resistant conveyor belts

These belts are used for transportation of hot lump and bulk materials in iron works, coking plants and cement plants. They are manufactured in three kinds for transportation of materials up to 120°C, 150°C or 200°C.

Low temperature resistant conveyor belts

Low temperature resistant conveyor belts convey materials in extremely low temperatures down to -60°C. The rubber covers have very good anti-abrasive properties, allowing them to transport very sharp and coarse materials.

GTP flame resistant conveyor belts for underground mining

GTP flame resistant conveyor belts are designed for working in the toughest conditions of underground mines where safety and performance are paramount. They are approved for use in fire hazard conditions of mines by appropriate authorities and are successfully at work in mines in Poland and many other countries.

Special application conveyor belts

Special application conveyor belts include alkali and oil resistant belts, belts with metal net, belts for the food industry and belts with profiles.

Steel cord conveyor belts

Steel cord belts are suitable for applications requiring long-distance carrying, high-speed carrying, high carrying capacity and high strength. The steel-cord conveyor belts are manufactured in tensile strengths from 630kN/m to 5,400kN/m and widths from 800mm to 2,600mm.

According to customers’ requirements we can produce the following versions:

  • General use steel-cord conveyor belts
  • Non-flammable steel-cord conveyor belts
  • Flame resistant steel-cord conveyor belts
  • High-temperature resistant conveyor belts
  • Low-temperature resistant conveyor belts

Rubber mixtures

The company has great experience and a large capacity for production of rubber mixtures of various kinds and applications.

Rubber sheets

FTT Wolbrom SA produces rubber sheets and floor linings in the following versions: normal; alkali, acid or oil resistant; flame resistant and non-flammable up to 1,300mm width.

Splicing materials

The company recommends materials for belt splicing by hot vulcanization of its own design. The belts can be also spliced by cold vulcanization or mechanical fasteners.

Customer service

FTT Wolbrom SA focuses its attention on long-term relations with customers. The company offers full maintenance and service – from consultancy in appropriate choices of belt for conveyor and working conditions, to belt splicing at customer premises by qualified teams.

Rubber-Fabric Conveyor Belts

FTT Wolbrom specialises in a wide range of rubber-fabric conveyor belts for a wide range of applications such as transportation of loose and hot materials in mining environments.

Ilovica Gold-Copper Project

Euromax Resources' (Euromax) Ilovica Gold-Copper Project, covering an area of 17.1km², is located within the municipality of Bosilovo, approximately 20km east of the town of Strumica, on the western slopes of the Maleševske mountain range in southeast Macedonia.