Dellner Brakes is a manufacturer of hydraulic and electric disc brake calipers, locking devices, turning devices, brake discs and various pressure supply units.

Dellner Brakes delivers disc brakes and locking devices both in terms of single components and complete systems. Dellner Brakes’ complete systems are better known under the trademark STL-systems.

Industrial disc brake calipers

Dellner’s range of industrial disc brake calipers covers a wide range of applications, including mine winders, cranes, mills, conveyors, winches and hoists.

Dellner Brakes can provide different types of disc brake calipers in various sizes.

The SKP 220 from Dellner Brakes is a spring-applied, hydraulic pressure-released disc brake.
Single acting, spring-applied, hydraulic pressure-released disc brake SKP 140 SA.
The LM 40 is a hydraulic-operated locking device.
A hydraulic power pack with a cabinet and electrical terminal box.
Dellner Brakes offers STL systems.

Spring-applied disc brake calipers

We offer spring-applied, hydraulic pressure-released disc brake calipers, type SKP:

  • SKP 50 – braking force 2,700N – 12,400N
  • SKP 95 – braking force 10,700N – 33,500N
  • SKP 140 – braking force 26,300N – 117,600N
  • SKP 220 – braking force 98,700N – 298,000N

Our range of single-acting, spring-applied, hydraulic pressure-released disc brake calipers, type SKP-SA, includes:

  • SKP 65 SA – braking force 2,000N – 18,200N
  • SKP 95 SA – braking force 10,700N – 33,500N
  • SKP 140 SA – braking force 26,300N – 117,600N
  • SKP 220 SA – braking force 98,700N – 294,400N

We offer hydraulic pressure-applied, spring-released disc brake calipers, type SKD:

  • SKD 35 – braking force 8,000N
  • SKD 50 – braking force 16,200N
  • SKD 65 – braking force 27,300N
  • SKD 80 – braking force 41,400N
  • SKD 100 – braking force 129,200N
  • SKD 4×100 – braking force 258,800N
  • SKD 4×125 – braking force 404,200N

Our range of electric-activated, spring-applied, manual-released disc brake calipers, type EFP, includes:

  • EFP 2×40 – braking force 14,000N
  • EFP 2×60 – braking force 27,400N
  • EFP 2×75 – braking force 88,000N
  • EFP 2×100 – braking force 118,700N

Locking devices

Dellner Brakes can provide manual, hydraulic and electric operated locking devices in various sizes:

  • LM 20 – locking force 125kN
  • LM 40 – locking force 250kN
  • LM 50 – locking force 500kN
  • LM 70 – locking force 750kN
  • LM 95 – locking force 1,000kN

Pressure supply units

Dellner Brakes can provide several options of pressure supply units; for example:

  • Hand pumps
  • Hydraulic power packs – Series DH 2000
  • Pressure intensifiers and control units
  • Pneumatically operated hydraulic pump systems – type Compactus

Stopping, turning and locking (STL) system

Dellner Brakes’ STL-system is a multi-function unit that is all contained in one customer interface. Available functions are:

  • Stopping – hydraulic disc brake calipers handle the stopping operation
  • Turning – mechanical linkage(s) with hydraulic cylinder(s) are used for positioning the disc brake(s); together with an intelligent control system, the shaft is turned / indexed without the need of other turning devices
  • Locking – the LM locking device has a specially designed tapered pawl that is engaged into a machined slot on the outer peripheral of the brake disc, which mechanically locks the shaft in place; the LM-device can be operated manually, hydraulically or electrically

The STL-system is a modular system. The customer can choose the functions that are needed. For example, if no locking function is needed, we can supply only the stopping and turning functions (ST-system) or if no turning function is needed, we can supply only the stopping and locking functions (SL-system).