Thor Global Enterprises manufactures bulk material handling equipment for applications ranging from mining, recycling and stockpiling to ship, barge and rail loading and unloading facilities.

Standard products include telescopic portable radial and cable mast stackers, portable radial transfer conveyors and stackers, as well as portable transfer conveyors.

The company also offers hydraulic hammer-down axles, low-profile portable truck unloaders, self-contained track units, and mobile high-capacity feed hoppers.

Thor Global offers multiple custom solutions with more than 50 years of experience in rugged products such as tower cranes, trommel screens, screening plants, turnkey systems, cable mast systems and bridge conveyors.

ThorStacker™ telescopic portable radial stacker is an all-inclusive, high-end telescopic conveyor.
The TowerStack cable mast design allows you to reach sizes and tonnages beyond any conventional stacker.
Thor Stackable™ portable transfer conveyors increase operating flexibility while decreasing freight costs.
The Thor TopFold™ portable radial stacker is available with standard automated belt tension detection and high-quality belting.
ThorLinks™ transfer conveyors have an adjustable height range of 8ft at the axle.
Thor Hammer Axle™ allows the main cylinders to meet at a common pivot point at the centre of the head undercarriage, reducing stresses on the overall machine structure.
With a capacity of up to 2,000TPH of 100-PCF material, the Thor Truck Unloader comes with either a 48in or 72in wide conveyor belt.
Thor Trax™ helps optimize workflows and eliminates the need for multiple handling of material.
Thor Feed Hopper is a rugged and time-efficient material handling method.

Telescopic portable radial stackers

Thor’s telescopic stackers are the most technologically advanced machines of their kind on the market.

Since inventing the first telescopic stacker for the aggregate industry, the company’s engineers have integrated state-of-the-art customized automation software, touchscreen interfaces, ultrasonic sensing devices, remote operation capabilities and several innovative design features for increased performance, durability and safety.

Thor Global’s standard features make the ThorStacker™ the most all-inclusive, high-end telescopic conveyor on the market.

ThorStacker models are available in conveyor lengths of 115ft (35.03m) to 190ft (57.91m), capacities of 500 tonnes per hour (TPH) to 2,000TPH at 60Hz, and belt widths of 36in (910mm) to 48in (1,220mm).

Telescopic cable mast stackers

Thor Global has applied telescopic technology to a traditional cable mast system that has been used in stockpiling applications for decades.

The TowerStacker™ telescopic cable mast stacker is a scalable conveyor that has been engineered to handle the high pressures of a larger machine using a simple rail system configuration.

The cable mast design allows clients to reach sizes and tonnages beyond any conventional telescopic stacker.

Portable transfer conveyors

Clients can dramatically reduce freight expenses and increase operating flexibility with Thor Global’s ThorStackable™ stackable portable transfer conveyors.

This highway portable package comprises three stackable, hot-dip galvanized conveyors that are protected against rust and corrosion.

Portable radial stackers

The Thor TopFold™ portable radial stacker features a swing-free hopper design, making the conveyor folding process easy to set-up and operate.

All Thor TopFold portable radial stackers come with standard automated belt tension detection and premium quality belting.

Portable transfer conveyors

Thor Global offers a wide range of ThorLinks™ portable transfer conveyors to cost-effectively suit any application.

All transfer conveyors have a height-adjustable range of 8ft at the axle.

Telescopic conveyors

Thor Hammer Axle™ enables the main cylinders to meet at the centre of the head undercarriage, decreasing structural pressure on the equipment.

Selected models of ThorStacker™ and ThorLoPro™ conveyors have been redesigned to accommodate the new Hammer Axle design. Both outriggers sit on a walking beam to provide balanced pressure to ground on uneven terrains, and the main cylinders are adjustable to maintain a smooth radial motion and counterbalance minor slope variations.

Walking beams have also been added to both transport axles on all Hammer Axle stackers for improved onsite mobility.

Thor Hammer Axle has the widest radial footprint in the industry, providing greater structural stability. Standard features of the Hammer Axle™ include electric drive, VFD for smooth travel and all terrain tires that work well in rough terrain. Optional OTR tires for more serious conditions available on request. Additional safety features include a check valve to ensure no hydraulic creep occurs while in operation.

Thor Hammer Axle is currently available on all 36in telescopic conveyors up to 150ft.

Truck unloaders

The Thor Truck Unloader is a low-profile machine that comes with either a 48in or 72in-wide conveyor belt and has a capacity of up to 2,000TPH of 100-PCF material.

Clients can adjust the discharge height and speed with the onboard system and gating mechanism for full control over their unloading process. They can also streamline workflow by discharging directly into a conveyor, or either a belly-dump or end-dump truck.

Durable mobile track units

Thor Trax™ is a highly durable mobile track unit that is effective on all terrains such as soft or uneven soil, as well as serves as an anchor pad when stationary.

Available as a self-contained unit, it features either rubber or steel tracks and is compatible with any ship loading / mining equipment equipped with a fifth-wheel pin.

Remote operation and onboard diesel power come as standard with the Thor Trax.

With two speed settings (85fpm or 170fpm), the Thor Trax helps optimize workflows and eliminates the need for multiple material handling.

Mobile material handling units

Thor Feed Hopper is the most rugged and time-efficient way to move your material with minimal handling of material.

With a wide top opening, this highly mobile, durable unit leverages belt feed from 36in up to 54in to handle all types of material such as iron ore pellet, coal and aggregate at variable speeds for different capacities.

Options such as hydraulically powered tilting 10in grizzly bars, on-board diesel power, and remote operation are available.

The Thor Feed Hopper is the most cost-effective way to optimize workflows and reduce manual labour.

Hot-dip galvanized components for long-term corrosion-resistance

Hot-dip galvanizing is a value-added feature that that provides a reliable machine with improved corrosion-protection and abrasion-resistance.

Thor Global is the only manufacturer to offer complete hot-dip galvanizing on all its machines.