Heavy Plate production at voestalpine Grobblech covers the complete spectrum of heavy plate grades, ranging from structural steels, pipeline steels, shipbuilding steels, pressure vessel steels, case hardened steels, quenching and tempering steels, to numerous special grades. Our high-strength brands alform® and aldur® as well as our wear-resistant brands durostat® and altrix® have proven successful with various applications in the vehicle, crane and mining industry.

durostat® and altrix® – wear-resistant plates

durostat® and altrix® represent two different wear-resistant steel concepts which enable a longer life for parts exposed to high mechanical stress and heavy abrasion. Typical applications are crushers, screens, conveyors, chutes, cutters, excavator components and superstructures for trucks.

durostat® stands for microalloyed, wear-resistant structural steels with hardnesses up to HB 500 and has proven successful for applications where good weldability, cold formability and toughness are required in addition to wear-resistance. durostat® is available in thicknesses from 8mm to 100mm.

altrix® Multilayer Rolled-Clad Plates consist of a tough base material and a hardenable layer. Manufactured by a patented hot-rolling cladding technology, altrix® offers one of the most abrasion resistant surfaces available in the world today.

voestalpine Grobblech has a long tradition in the manufacture of high-quality steels and rolled clad composite materials.
durostat® and altrix®: Excavators and special machines for the mining industry.
durostat® enables a longer life of the bucket edge and sides.
durostat® and altrix®: Wear-resistant plates for crushing plants.
durostat® and altrix®: Wear-resistant linings for mineral mining.

The ideal combination of toughness and highest hardness has far reaching consequences:

  • Considerably less wear occurs due to the high level of cladding hardness (up to 66 HRC)
  • The smooth surface provides a good flowability and prevents material sticking
  • The wear resistant cladding can be supplied up to 75% of the total plate-thickness
  • The good toughness of the base material largely eliminates the possibility of brittle fracture during operation
  • Installation is easy by welding the base plate directly to any support structure
  • It can also be bolted in place using welding studs; welding nuts to the base plate, or plasma cutting holes through the plate and welding in a machined countersunk insert

More detailed information concerning dimensions, layer-distributions and delivery conditions for altrix® plates is available on request.

alform® and aldur® – high-strength plates

alform® and aldur® stand for high-strength steels with excellent processing properties which enable light-weight heavy load bearing constructions.

alform® is a microalloyed, thermomechanically rolled steel with yield strengths up to 960 N/mm² and is characterised by:

  • Excellent edging properties due to an extremely fine-grained and homogeneous microstructure
  • Optimum weldability due to a low carbon equivalent
  • Excellent surface appearance due to a uniform, thin layer of secondary scale

alform® has established itself in mobile crane and vehicle manufacturing, a market place which places stringent demands on material. alform® meets the European Standard EN 10149-2 and is available in thicknesses from 2mm to 25mm.

aldur® is a microalloyed, quenched and tempered steel with yield strength up to 900N/mm² and is characterised by:

  • Excellent welding properties due to a low carbon equivalent
  • Optimum cold impact properties up to –60°C due to an increased Ni-content

aldur® steels have demonstrated their high technical standard during the manufacture of penstocks, containments and high quality pressure vessels for special applications (e. g. gas tanks). aldur® meets the European Standard EN 10137-2 and is available in a thicknesses range from 8mm to 100mm.

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