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The Timken Company

Bearings and Steel for Mining's Toughest Machinery

1835 Dueber Ave SW,
Canton, Ohio 44706,
United States of America

1835 Dueber Ave SW,
Canton, Ohio 44706,
United States of America

Timken offers a complete line of solutions for the mining industry, including alloy steel, bearings, maintenance tools, condition monitoring and surface coatings.

Steel manufacturing and bearings for the mining industry

The Timken Company invests heavily in developing solutions for the mining industry. We have used our professional knowledge, industry-leading technology and a century of bearing and steel manufacturing experience to become a trusted resource for mining customers – from original equipment makers like Bucyrus, Joy Global, Komatsu and Caterpillar to the maintenance teams that keep equipment running in coal, copper, gold, phosphate and iron mines, to name a few.

We work hand-in-hand with original equipment manufacturers and mine operators to help achieve performance goals such as maximum uptime, reduced maintenance and replacement costs, and increased productivity. Timken responds to these challenges with products including tapered, cylindrical, spherical and housed unit bearings, which have all been designed to exceed performance expectations.

Our bearing designs feature internal geometry, surface finishes and coatings that combat debris and contamination, as well as manage heavy and unpredictable loads. We combine our mining specific experience with our knowledge of metallurgy, tribology and manufacturing to develop solutions for customers around the world.

Making quality products is just the beginning. Timken field sales and service engineers spend time with mining customers to see operations first-hand and equip employees with the tools they need to install, monitor and replace Timken products.

Cylindrical bearings, spherical bearings and tapered roller bearings

Timken is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of roller bearings. Our vast experience in mining and other heavy industries has given us the know how to optimise and innovate across our lines of cylindrical, spherical and tapered roller bearings.

Timken offers premium high-performance across every bearing line as the standard. Give us a try and you’ll see we can go pound for pound with any bearing in the industry. Our bearings include:

  • Tapered roller bearings: we are the world leader in tapered roller bearings offering over 26,000 parts in single and two row designs
  • Spherical roller bearings are available in a range of configurations ranging in size from 25mm ID to 2,000mm OD
  • Cylindrical roller bearings in single and two row configurations as both caged and full complement designs ranging in size from 60mm ID to 2,000mm OD
  • Thrust bearings are available in tapered, spherical and cylindrical configurations up to 2,000mm OD

Chain and housed unit bearings for process and material-handling equipment

Timken roller bearing housed units feature enhanced performance bearings, corrosion-resistant housings and seal designs that are ideal for rugged applications, such as in process and material-handling equipment. The roller bearings are available in tapered and spherical roller bearing configurations. Timken also offers a complete line of highly-engineered chain and augers to support all of your material handling needs.

Debris-resistant bearings

Where clean conditions aren’t possible but bearing failure isn’t an option, Timken’s debris-resistant bearings are the right choice. Using enhanced geometries and surface coatings, Timken can get you the information needed to choose the appropriate debris-resistant bearing solution.

Repair and remanufacture of bearings and gearboxes

Timken offers comprehensive gearbox and bearing repair services, to help save you time and money by reconditioning mine equipment for extended life. Timken re-manufactures most bearing types, including tapered, spherical, cylindrical, ball and thrust. Timken is also a provider of gearbox solutions used in coal, copper, iron ore and precious metals mining. That includes gearbox repairs and rebuilds by gearbox experts who have the same mission you do – to maximize your uptime and increase profits.

Condition monitoring of mining machines

To avoid unscheduled downtime, you must have an ongoing awareness of your machines’ conditions. That’s why Timken offers a range of condition monitoring options – from continuous to handheld, for machines large and small. You’ll always know what’s going on inside and we’ll help you detect problems and correct them on your schedule.

Alloy steel for seamless mechanical tubing

With more than 1.5 million tons of annual melt capacity, Timken produces one of the widest ranges of specialty steels in the world. Most of that steel leaves the Timken steelmaking facilities in the form of alloy and carbon solid bars or billets. In addition, much steel is produced as seamless mechanical tubing that is used both in our own bearing plants and also by our customers.

Maintenance training for bearings

Timken offers a bearing maintenance training program that is tailored to mine operators and maintenance personnel. Attendees learn the fundamentals of bearings, their handling and maintenance to help mines get the most from their equipment.

Herrenknecht Experiences the Timken Advantage

It took 15 years, 3,000 workers, €9.1 billion (US $12.7 billion) - and thousands of bearings made by The Timken Company - to make way for Switzerland's colossal 57km (35.4-miles) Gotthard base railway tunnel.

Herrenknecht Experiences the Timken Advantage

It took 15 years, 3,000 workers, €9.1 billion (US $12.7 billion) - and thousands of bearings made by The Timken Company - to make way for Switzerland's colossal 57km (35.4-miles) Gotthard base railway tunnel.

Timken Releases Free White Paper

The Timken Company, specialists in steel manufacturing and bearing solutions for the mining industry, has released a free white paper outlining its expertise and innovation.

Timken Completes Philadelphia Gear Acquisition

Timken today announced the completion of its $200 million purchase of Philadelphia Gear, a leading provider of gear-drive systems and aftermarket services for the industrial and military marine sectors.

Timken Completes Acquisition of Drives

The Timken Company today announced it has completed the $92 million acquisition of Drives, a leading manufacturer of highly engineered drive-chains, roller-chains and conveyor augers for the mobile and industrial machinery sectors.

Timken Launches White Papers on Mining Technology

Timken has recently launched two new white papers on Mining Technology. One white paper is intended to educate the mining sector about how Timken’s coating technology dramatically improves bearing performance. The other white paper is designed to explain the benefits of bearing

The Timken Company

1835 Dueber Ave SW

Canton, Ohio 44706


United States of America