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Minera Mining Technologies designs and deploys autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, technologies and get fit improvement programs to optimise mining operations and support software vendors.

Get Fit programmes for existing mine control and autonomous solutions

Minera offers a Get Fit programme that starts with a fitness audit to assess whether existing mining technologies and their applications are performing optimally and/or configured to suit current business needs.

Minera staff will evaluate the operation according to the mine plan, drill and blast and load and haul, and compare the results with the expectations and capabilities of the current applications in place and business’s needs.

By identifying the gaps between planning and production, Minera can help businesses boost profits and efficiency.
Minera designs change management programmes to roll-out autonomous systems with minimal disruption and maximum worker acceptance.

The company has extensive experience and knowledge of the mining industry and can advise whether the system is working correctly and efficiently.

Common recommendations include a Get Fit programme, which reviews:

  • People – organisational structure, training plan and increase worker knowledge and acceptance
  • Process – current business process and look at improvements that can be made to simplify and make more efficient
  • Technology – determine the health of the system(s) in the office and installed on the mobile plant and provide the necessary changes to increase efficiency, there may also be programme features not being used to their full potential, resulting in lost opportunities

By identifying the gaps between resource, workforce, material and mobile plant tracking, production and maintenance, Minera can provide a phased approach to help businesses achieve improved safety and increased productivity.

Autonomous and manned solutions for mining applications

Adopting an automated control system and/or a fleet management solution (FMS) affects all areas of a business, from planning, operations and production to maintenance, so a deployment plan is essential to minimising disruption.

Minera has significant experience the selection, planning designing and implementing mining solutions to ensure the client gains a fast turnaround, the highest degree of worker acceptance and the maximum benefit from the new system.

Minera employs a comprehensive process for rolling-out autonomous and mine production systems / solutions, which involves:

  • Pre-feasibility and strategy
              – Project initiation
              – Business needs analysis
              – Optional competitive analysis
              – Current state analysis
              – Target state analysis
              – Strategy definition
  • Definitive feasibility           
              – Business case and budget definition
              – Solution definition
              – Solution evaluation
              – Pilot planning
  • Solution deployment           
              – Design and build management
              – Solution testing
              – Pilot management
              – Implementation
  • Post-deployment review
              – Review business benefits versus business case
  • Embed
              – Ongoing support to further refine solution
              – Periodical audits to make sure system stays fit for purpose

Mining production solutions

Minera’s experience with automated and manned mining equipment includes:

  • Business cases
  • Business needs analysis
  • Functional requirements and technical solution
  • Integration of applications
  • Software / hardware selection
  • Drill monitoring systems
  • Infrastructure such as field and office communications and processing
  • Machine position tracking and spatial model management
  • Machine time tracking
  • Production monitoring
  • Machine navigation and guidance for loading, drilling, dozing / grading
  • Material tracking
  • Production optimisation
  • Health monitoring
  • Personnel management
  • Safety and risk management
  • Fast processing, reporting and analytic

About Minera Mining Technologies

Minera’s solutions include providing feasibility studies, functional design, technical design and specification and Get Fit programmes for autonomous and manned mining solutions such as drilling, loading and hauling and the demanding integration required to the supporting systems.