Scania Heavy-Duty Trucks, Engines, Buses and Services for Mining Applications

Scania delivers a wide range of trucks and engines for various processes in mining, from exploration to reclamation, as well as buses for personnel transport. Solutions are developed to provide the lowest transport cost through world-leading fuel economy and services.

Founded in 1891 in Sweden, Scania has more than 120 years of automotive experience and has been focusing on heavy commercial vehicles since the late 1920s. Today Scania is a global company with around 1,600 service points in more than 100 countries.

At Scania we work closely together with our customers to find the optimal transport solution for their business, including complete transport process innovation, fleet financing and business partnership to ensure the lowest production costs for your business. Our modular product design system makes servicing and parts supply easy thanks to extensive sharing of parts design solutions between trucks, buses and engines. The major benefits of choosing Scania are:

  • Superior fuel economy through world-leading engine technology, covering all emission levels worldwide, including Euro 6 and Tier 4i. Scania engines can be adapted to run all commercially available biofuels, i.e. 100% biodiesel, biogas and ethanol
  • The highest level of safety with a wide range of safety features and excellent handling resulting in confident driver control
  • Worldwide service support, including on-site presence and parts supply

Rigid trucks for open-pit and underground mines

Scania three, four and five-axle rigid haul trucks have payload capacities, ranging from 30t to 50t (metric), depending on site conditions. Scania rigids are a safe, reliable and versatile choice for in-pit mine haulage, from stockpile to processing plant, as well as post-process transport.

Scania always performs on-site studies to make sure each Scania vehicle is correctly specified and meets the customer’s performance criteria. The trucks can also be driven on public roads, thereby providing easy and quick transport between sites.

Around the world, from the heat of the desert to the cold of the arctic, Scania rigids are used in both open-pit and underground mines.

Heavy-duty tractors and road trains

Scania tractor-trailer combinations range from 40t to 180t, depending on road conditions and legal limitations. Road trains (B-doubles) are for example a flexible alternative to rail transport and conveyor systems, and are suitable for starting up mining operations quickly. Scania tractors can operate on gravel roads as well as on public roads.

Specialised process vehicles

Innovations developed together with customers have resulted in several specialised truck designs that have noticeably brought down the customer’s production costs. Some examples include:

  • Explosives charging trucks
  • Drill rig trucks
  • Lubrication trucks
  • Water and fuel tankers
  • Crane and platform trucks
  • Off-road personnel transport trucks
  • Equipment transport
  • Rescue vehicles
  • Low-built concrete mixers
  • Mobile generator sets

Field workshop service for mining vehicles

On-site service support is essential for the business. Scania can provide the right level of preventive maintenance and quick repairs on-site to keep the fleet moving and fulfil demanding contracts. Scania’s flexible Field Workshop service has been designed to deliver the right level of availability for any fleet, helping our customers to achieve the productivity required by their customers– thus optimising the value of the investment in a Scania fleet.

Scania can have you up and running with a Scania Field Workshop in just two to three months with the right technology, the right people, and the right Scania parts for each vehicle fleet.

Driver training for the mining industry

Drive safely and save money. Drivers are crucial for the profitability of any transport business. Drivers are the single most important factor for fuel economy and wear-and-tear of the vehicle – and of course for safety. Around 10% can be saved on fuel alone, with a corresponding significant reduction in emissions. What’s more, tyres will last longer, and the powertrain will last longer and consume less oil.

Buses and coaches

A Scania bus will bring any operation’s most valuable asset, the personnel, safely and comfortably to work. Scania buses can be equipped with a wide range of safety features such as for example ESP, electronic braking system and alcolock.

Engines for power generation and industrial use

Scania delivers industrial engines for a vast range of applications such as power generation, stationary engine installations for crushers, pumps, screeners, etc. The engines meet the strictest of emission levels, including Tier 4i. Scania also delivers engines to OEMs for use in wheel loaders, excavators, ADTs and mobile crushers and cranes.

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Scania to Attend MINExpo International 2012

Smart mining is about keeping the show moving - both off-road and on-road - keeping production flowing and continuously performing at the highest level.


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Press Release

13 September 2012

Smart mining is about keeping the show moving - both off-road and on-road - keeping production flowing and continuously performing at the highest level.

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Dept. KTC – Mining Division

SE -151 87 Södertälje



+46 8 553 810 00 Scania buses and coaches Scania engines

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