Interlate Productivity Optimisation Solutions for the Mining Industry

Interlate incorporates industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies and world-leading technical innovation to create predictable outcomes, reduce operating risk and increase competitiveness within the mining sector.

We aim to prevent production interruptions and optimise production output by uncovering hidden value while our expertise unlocks the potential for additional cashflow.

Workflow and performance optimisation solutions for mine sites

Interlate’s sustainable solutions link mining and mineral processing sites with industry-leading expertise and technology.

We stabilise output and improve the performance of minerals extraction plants worldwide through the provision of expert decision-making support, near real-time productivity monitoring (24/7), targeted productivity improvement projects (12-24 weeks), and a perpetual productivity guardian that prevents the decay of improvements.

Interlate delivers these services through a continuous and durable connection to customer teams and plant data systems. We maintain an operational culture that allows us to act as an extension of your site teams, collaborating to solve problems and implementing solutions in real-time.

Historical mining data analysis

Interlate provides sites with an additional layer of decision-making support that, over time, will embed knowledge into their technical teams.

The value created is sustained using business interventions that are permanently embedded into our customer sites. Production interruptions are prevented while simultaneously optimising production output.

Interlate oversees technology development, identifies evolving solutions and trials or simulates their impact before implementation.

We connect global expertise, equipment, processes and big data in real-time via our world-class centre in Brisbane, Australia. We reflect on historical data from a mine to understand what has happened, but the real value of that data is when we operate on it in real-time. The historical information informs us but we use the current information to deliver insights back to you.

Multi-factor assessments of processing facilities

Interlate’s Assessment software is based on a maturity framework that incorporates the main controls of value in a processing plant, namely data, systems, engineering, human capital and geological complexity.

The result of this multi-factor assessment is a clear benchmark of where your processing plant currently stands and where it could be, providing you with a platform and roadmap for identifying improvement and future-proofing opportunities.

Real-time measurement point monitoring

Mining operations introduce numerous measurement point ‘tags’ at critical areas to gain control. The measurements are time-sensitive and typically at sub-minute intervals. The information is collected in a control system, which also provides real-time feeds to databases that store a historical collection of data.

Interlate’s Sentinel solution plugs into the site databases in real-time and incorporates this data stream into an on-site data assimilation node (DAN) and transmits the information back to our data centre. From here, we condition the information and display.

It is monitored by the productivity supervisor via audio-visual collaboration tools, which are connected to the supervisor on-site so that they can communicate in real-time about what they are seeing.

Preventative maintenance systems

Guardian is our unique system that prevents improvements from fading over time. It identifies and tracks in near-real time the digital fingerprint of an improvement that was created by a targeted project.

The solution interfaces with your own continuous improvement systems and notifies the appropriate teams if improvements come under threat. Depending on the situation, it will recommend corrective action and can fix certain issues automatically. The notification is transmitted as an email or a text message detailing the whole implementation package of corrective actions, instantly providing the customer site with the knowledge of reference and action.

This assures plant managers that their improvement project investments deliver sustained value.

Productivity improvement methodologies

Interlate’s Alliance methodology targets productivity improvement projects and initiatives that will deliver value to your processing plant in an accelerated timeframe.

We leverage our world-class ecosystem of technical-domain experts, advanced analytics and technology partners to create outcomes that have a material positive effect on your processing plants profitability.

We collaborate and engineer the solution with your on-site team to obtain more mineral concentrate, lower costs, improve throughput and increase availability. This will include an investigation, data gathering, implementation and delivery phases.

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Press Release

Newcrest Partners with Interlate to Amplify Operational Productivity

Interlate, the productivity specialist in the mining industry, is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Newcrest Mining Limited.

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Press Release

16 January 2019

Interlate, the productivity specialist in the mining industry, is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Newcrest Mining Limited.

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Interlate Pty Ltd

1/143 Coronation Drive


QLD 4064


+61 7 3220 3684

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