Vortex® specializes in providing proven, innovative valve solutions for the dry bulk industry. The company’s patented and feature-laden valve products provide cost-effective solutions for handling bulk foods, plastics, chemicals, minerals, and aggregates.

Vortex slide gates, diverters, and iris valves are uniquely designed to maximize production efficiency, eliminate material leakage, and increase service life.

Since 1977, Vortex has handled thousands of dry materials for more than 10,000 clients worldwide. With 21 products lines and over eight million design variations, Vortex will select the appropriate valve and modifications for even the most demanding applications.

Our products are backed with the highest level of technical support in the industry, with service centers throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Vortex Valves is the global leader in slide gates and diverter valves designed to handle dry bulk solids.
There is no such thing as one size fits all. Vortex Valves are custom engineered to meet the challenge of even the most difficult applications.
Since 1977, Vortex has handled thousands of dry materials for more than 10,000 clients worldwide.
Vortex slide gates and diverter valves are uniquely designed to maximize production efficiency, eliminate material leakage, and increase service life.

Reliable valves to reduce costs and production downtime

The characteristics of dry solids are endless: bulk density, flow-ability, abrasiveness, corrosiveness, particle size, shape, temperature sensitivity, stickiness, hygroscopic traits, degradation, and saltation points are just a few. Matching the right valve to material characteristics and application parameters is essential for successful processing.

Production downtime, lost or wasted material, inaccurate weighing, conveying inefficiencies, atmospheric leakage, unnecessary parts inventory, frequent maintenance cycles, and increased safety risks are all costly problems that can be avoided by choosing an appropriate valve.

Custom engineered solutions for heavy-duty dry bulk valves

Vortex understands the value of your process. Our technical application and engineering team boasts more than 150 years of combined dry material handling experience.

Each Vortex valve is appropriately selected to meet the demands of every application. Vortex uses state-of-the-art 3D modeling and CAD software with the latest precision laser technology to design and manufacture valves within the highest tolerances.

We have previously designed and manufactured several gates with 72in inlets according to demanding specifications, including the ability to close the gate on a standing column of 2in particulate, with a manual operator using less than 80lbs of rim pull.

This innovative rack and pinion style design allowed for a positive seal between the opening of the valve and the valve body on both sides of the blade. These gates featured an abrasion-resistant lining on the blade and a stainless-steel lining on the contact surfaces of the valve opening. All access panels had gasket seals and the pinion shaft was sealed to create a dust-tight valve body.

Abrasion-resistant slide gate for mining operations

The Vortex® Titan Series Abrasion Resistant Slide Gate is as robust as the Vortex Aggregate Gate™ but has the superior dust-tight seal of the Vortex Roller Gate.

The Titan Slide Gate is the perfect gate for abrasive materials such as whole grains, coal, metal powders or minerals, with the heavy-duty valve frame based on a formed carbon steel channel with a beveled, abrasion-resistant steel blade and liner. A displacement pocket on the closing end of the valve assists in closing when material is present.

Key features of this product include:

  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction
  • Hardened steel cam adjustable rollers with grease fittings
  • Replaceable AR400 liners protect seals from abrasion
  • Accurate metering of material with optional metering controls
  • Removable seal access covers for inline maintenance
  • Air cylinder model includes magnetic piston

Diverter for handling sand, gravel, whole grains, and coal

The Vortex Aggregate Diverter™ is designed handle material such as sand, gravel, whole grains, and coal and has been engineered to address the problems associated with typical aggregate or ‘bucket’ diverters.

A removable access door and abrasion-resistant wear liners make this a maintenance friendly diverter. The Aggregate Diverter is designed to eliminate problems, increasing production while decreasing labor and equipment costs.

Key features of this diverter include:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Seals and body protected from abrasion
  • Access door for internal inspection, cleaning, or maintenance
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Air cylinder model with magnetic piston

Heavy-duty materials handling

Vortex Titan Series valves handle heavy-duty materials including:

  • Alumina
  • Bauxite
  • Clinker
  • Coal
  • Cobalt briquettes
  • Coke
  • Fly ash
  • Frac sand
  • Gravel
  • Glass cullet
  • Lime / limestone
  • Metal powders
  • Mortal cement
  • Potash
  • Sand