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Advanced Monitoring Solutions for Mining Sites

Motion Metrics provides a range of camera and sensor-based solutions for mining shovels, loaders, conveyor belts, and portable applications. The company's advanced monitoring solutions are developed to improve mine safety, increase production efficiency and reduce equipment downtime.

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Motion Metrics specializes in advanced monitoring solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity in mining.

With over 15 years of experience perfecting rugged machine vision and sensor-based solutions, we apply artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Monitoring solutions for mine sites

Motion Metrics offers innovative solutions with a focus on safety and cost-effectiveness. Its products perform missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring, rock fragmentation analysis, payload monitoring, and proximity detection to prevent site accidents, minimize machine downtime and ensure mine efficiency.

Motion Metrics products include ShovelMetrics™, LoaderMetrics™, PortaMetrics™, and BeltMetrics™ – suite of advanced monitoring solutions that mining operations can use to optimize productivity from mine to mill. All of these solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with MetricsManager™ Pro, a centralized web-based platform that aggregates and analyzes data from installed Motion Metrics systems.

ShovelMetrics™ provides real-time missing tooth and tooth wear monitoring.
The ShovelMetrics™ interface enables missing tooth detection, fragmentation analysis, proximity detection and payload monitoring.
LoaderMetrics™ provides missing tooth detection for all loader types.
Get fragmentation analysis of any scene in a matter of seconds with PortaMetrics™.
MetricsManager™ Pro gives you access to information collected by our machine monitoring systems, such as ShovelMetrics™ tooth wear reports.
With MetricsManager™ Pro you can access critical fragmentation analysis reports from ShovelMetrics™ and PortaMetrics™.

Shovel and loader monitoring solutions

Our flagship product is ShovelMetrics™, a complete monitoring solution for shovels and excavators that uses the latest in machine learning and computer vision to provide missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring, fragmentation analysis, payload monitoring and proximity detection.

LoaderMetrics™ also monitors bucket teeth using thermal imaging technology and machine learning algorithms in addition to providing proximity detection.

ShovelMetrics™ and LoaderMetrics™ are designed to maximize the amount of useful data collected by mining machinery while minimizing workplace hazards, equipment damage, and machine downtime.

Fragmentation analysis tools

PortaMetrics™ is a ruggedized handheld fragmentation analysis tool that uses stereo imaging and machine learning algorithms to deliver fast and accurate rock size distribution data without the need for any reference scaling object.

PortaMetrics™ enables mine personnel to safely capture, process, and manually alter images of any bench face, stockpile, or quarry.

BeltMetrics™ is a ruggedized fragmentation analysis solution designed to analyze fragmentation on mining conveyor belts without interrupting production. Like PortaMetrics™, BeltMetrics™ uses a rugged stereo camera and machine learning algorithms to ensure that every visible rock is scaled and measured accurately.

Cloud-enabled integration

All our monitoring solutions are designed to integrate with MetricsManager™ Pro.

This Cloud-based web application provides a single centralized platform to access all Motion Metrics system data. Customizable dashboards allow mine personnel and support specialists to easily monitor the health of each Motion Metrics device.

With laptop, tablet, and smartphone compatibility, detailed equipment productivity reports can be easily generated.

MetricsManager™ Pro provides real-time equipment status updates, tooth wear prediction reports, shovel productivity reports, and bucket-based rock fragmentation analysis.

About Motion Metrics

At Motion Metrics, we back all our solutions by providing comprehensive customer support and we take pride in the ongoing relationships we maintain with our clients.

Our engineers travel worldwide to perform everything from on-site installation and commissioning, to training, to scheduled maintenance and performance reports.

White Papers


  • PortaMetrics™ - Blast with Confidence

    PortaMetrics™ is a patented* point-and-shoot rugged tablet that provides almost instant fragmentation analysis of your desired scene without the need for any reference scaling object.

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Products & services

  • BeltMetrics™

    BeltMetrics™ is a ruggedized fragmentation analysis solution designed to measure rock size distribution on mining conveyor belts without interrupting production.

  • MetricsManager™ Pro

    MetricsManager™ Pro unifies individual equipment data to a single centralized web-based platform. Mining personnel can access overall equipment summaries, in-depth performance reports and equipment activity logs from anywhere.

  • PortaMetrics™

    A patent-pending portable tablet that uses stereoscopic 3D imaging and powerful embedded processing to provide accurate fragmentation information and instantaneous slope measurement in a matter of seconds, without the need for any reference scaling object.

  • LoaderMetrics™

    LoaderMetrics™ is a missing tooth detection and blind spot reduction system for all loader types. It has been designed to the highest shock and vibration standards and uses thermal imaging technology to overcome poor lighting and weather conditions.

  • ShovelMetrics™

    ShovelMetrics™ provides a complete suite of monitoring solutions for mining shovels and excavators. With its diverse range of solutions, it allows operators to focus their energy on providing better results for the mine.

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