ERLAU TPC is a flexible mesh of specially-designed, interlocking rings and links of varying size and density that wrap around the tread and sidewalls of all types and sizes of earthmover tires (tyres) forming a barrier between the tire and the surface and thus protecting them from abrasion, piercing and intense heat, extending tire life by as much as five times and providing additional traction and operational safety without affecting the flexibility and function of the tyre.


ERLAU TPC tire protection and traction chains are considered essential equipment in many industries including:

  • Agriculture
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Caving
  • Civil engineering
  • Demolition/ scrap handling
  • Earthmoving
  • Emergency services
  • Forestry
  • Mining – coal
  • Mining – hard rock
  • Mining – Open-pit
  • Mining – soft rock
  • Mining – underground
  • Pipe laying
  • Quarrying
  • Quarrying – aggregate production
  • Quarrying – cement plants
  • Quarrying – dimension stone
  • Steel foundries
  • Stockpiling
  • Tunnelling
  • Military


ERLAU TPC tire protection and traction chains are required to protect the tires of:

  • Haul and dump trucks
  • Wheeled loading shovels
  • Wheeled bulldozers
  • Motor graders
  • Open-bowl scrapers
  • Low-profile haulers
  • Low-profile loaders
  • Foundry Pot Carriers
  • Compactors
  • Pipe layers
  • Tree harvesters
  • Utility vehicles

Abrasion protection

ERLAU TPC tire protection chains are required to protect expensive earthmover tires from attrition from harsh rocks such as quartz, sandstones, ironstone and Kimberlite.

RUD-ERLAU Garant Protrac mining tyre chains provide essential traction and help 400t dump trucks deliver ore on schedule in icy conditions at high altitude.
RUD-ERLAU mining tyre protection chains attacking fiery steel slag and protecting loader tyres from extreme temperatures.
A new set of RUD-ERLAU mining tyre protection chains fitted on this CAT 994 will considerably extend tyre life, increase machine availability, cut maintenance costs and reduce cost per tonne.
Weighing in at 4,800kg, RUD-ERLAU’s R75S+ is the world’s largest tyre protection chain.
RUD-ERLAU’s R71-special tyre protection chain provides traction and ultimate sidewall protection on load out duties.
With up to three times longer service life, ERLAU TPC Toro X19 advanced alloy mesh protects low profile underground loaders and haulers from abrasion, sidewall damage and skidding.

Sidewall damage protection

ERLAU TPC tire protection chains are required to protect expensive earthmover tires from sudden-death sidewall punctures from aggressive materials such as flints, slate, shales, metal shards and reinforcing bar.

High-temperature protection

In steel-making, ERLAU TPC tire protection chains are required to protect the tires of pot-carriers and steel slag-re-handling loaders from intense heat, abrasion and sidewall piercing.


ERLAU TPC tire traction chains are required to provide operators with safer control of mobile plant over ice, snow, clay, tundra and soft ground.


ERLAU TPC tire protection chains are essential in driving down handling costs.

Fitting ERLAU TPC tire protection and traction chains can:

  • Extend the life of a new set of earthmover tyres by five times
  • Enable the use of part worm or remoulded tires
  • Aid safer operation of mobile plant, greatly reduce the risk of damage to capital assets and injury to personnel
  • Reduce maintenance downtime
  • Assure plant availability
  • Improve productivity
  • Proven lower tonnage costs by up to 76%.


ERLAU TPC comprehensive range of tire protection chains comprises two product ranges:

  • Snow chains for commercial and domestic vehicles.
  • Tire protection and traction chains for mining, quarrying, tunnelling, earthmoving, bulk handling and off-road applications.

ERLAU TPC three tire protection and traction systems meet any challenge.


ERLAU TPC’s ultimate chain for all-round protection from sudden-death penetration

  • Super-dense mesh for additional sidewall protection
  • Compact wear rings forged from case-hardened special steel
  • Exceptionally high surface-hardness and core strength for optimum service life and productivity
  • Extend tyre life by up to five times


ERLAU TPC’s chain designed for preserving tires from abrasion.

  • Super-dense mesh with additional grip
  • Optimal strength
  • Excellent self-cleaning
  • Asymmetrical components (no sharp surfaces against the tire)
  • Link depth gives optimum isolation of tyre from terrain


ERLAU TPC’s highly-recommended, full-protection from the intense heat of slag dumps.

  • Highly dense mesh
  • Special heat-resistant steel
  • Hardened links
  • Un-welded connecting rings
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties


ERLAU TPC’s close mesh protects from abrasion and piercing.


ERLAU TPC’s medium mesh for protection and traction

Garant 10

ERLAU TPC’s open mesh for greater tire traction.


ERLAU TPC’s tire protection and traction chains are available in ring sizes 11mm – 23mm to fit tire sizes 7.5-16 to 59/80-63.

Quality and service

ERLAU TPC tire protection and traction chains are manufactured to the highest standards from high quality alloys at four wholly-owned, state-of-the-art factories in Europe and South America.

Every chain undergoes rigorous testing before embossing with an unique life-of-chain tracking number.

All ERLAU TPC chains are supported 24/7 by a team of time-served TPC engineers based at a strategically-located, world-wide dealer network who provide competent and informed advice

ERLAU TPC has a proud record of prompt delivery and installation,


ERLAU TPC has registered over 400 patents for its tire protection and traction chains.


ERLAU TPC tire protection and traction chains in service in countless mines, quarries and other heavy-side industries in more than 75 countries.


Founded in 1875, ERLAU TPC is a leading division of an international, family-owned manufacturer of high-quality round-link chains.

70 years ago, ERLAU TPC was the first to adapt their snow chain technology to protect loading shovel and dump truck tires.

Today, with a dominant, 65% of the world market, ERLAU TPC is the leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality, well-engineered, heavy-duty, round-link tire protection and traction chains and components.