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Prefabricated Camps for Mining Facilities

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Mining camp

DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry Trade INC. is a Turkish general contractor that provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for projects in extreme environments.

DORCE provides EPC services for clients in sectors such as:

  • Mining (turnkey camps and other facilities)
  • Oil, gas and energy (turnkey camps and other facilities)
  • Ministry of health (hospitals, clinics)
  • Ministry of education (schools)
  • Ministry of housing (housing projects and villas)

Prefabricated steel structures

DORCE is known for its ability to quickly mobilize and operate in harsh and extreme conditions. It owns one of the largest prefabricated steel structure manufacturing facilities in the world. The 100,000m² manufacturing facility, located in Ankara, Turkey, has the capacity to manufacture:

Contract type: design and build<br />
Structure type: pre-engineered steel building<br />
Prefabricated panelized steel building<br />
Site area: 297,590m&sup2;<br />
Construction area: 68,710m&sup2;
  • 160,000m² panelised prefabricated building production / month or
  • 3,600 modular units (accommodation containers) / month or
  • 1,900t production of heavy industrial steel buildings / month

DORCE was founded in 1989 and employs 2,675 people. It was ranked 212th on the 2013 ENR Top International Contractors List.

EPC services for major mining projects

DORCE has provided EPC services for major mining projects around the world, including:

  • Tasiast Team Village (8,400 person) – Mauritania
  • Iron Ore Enrichment Plant Guelb II Project – workshops and administration buildings – Zouerate, Mauritania
  • Bakoudou Gold Project – mobilization camp for mining site – Bakoudou, Gabon
  • Simandou Iron Ore Mine – temporary construction camps in 18 different locations in Guinea

Steel prefabricated buildings for general contracting projects

DORCE also works on general contracting projects, manufacturing steel prefabricated buildings and providing the following infrastructure works: housing and residence units, schools and nurseries, hotels and holiday villages, university campus buildings, industrial buildings, factory buildings, business centre and shopping malls, hospitals, prisons, aircraft hangars, and sporting halls.

Services provided by DORCE include:

  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Site survey
  • Building supply
  • Infrastructure works and utilities (site preparation, ground and foundation works, site connection ways and parking areas, site electrical and mechanical installation works, water treatment systems, fire detection, fighting and controlling systems, generators, waste water and clean water tanks, landscaping, security fencing)
  • HVAC systems
  • Furnishing
  • Transportation
  • Assembling and dismantling
  • Operation and maintenance

Pre-assembled buildings for mining camps

DORCE provides pre-assembled (panelized) steel buildings for turnkey mining camp projects, including worker residential cities and worker / labour camps featuring amenities such as offices, dormitories, dining halls, kitchens, WC-shower units and laundries.

Modular units for mining sites

DORCE also provides modular units for mining sites, including worker residential cities, and worker / labour camps that include offices, dormitories, dining halls and kitchens, WC-shower units and laundries.

Pre-engineered steel construction buildings

DORCE manufactures pre-engineered steel buildings for turnkey industrial facilities such as industry buildings, factory buildings, aircraft hangars, gymnasiums, workshops, warehouses, cold rooms, and garages.

White Papers

  • DORCE Company Profile

    DORCE is one of the sector's leading and first established companies as Turkish global brand with worldwide experience in prefabricated modular steel structure including manufacturing, export and international contracting services.

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Sokak No:6
06460 Çankaya Ankara

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