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Drug and Alcohol Testing Services for the Mining Industry

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ToxLogic specialises in workplace drug and alcohol testing and associated services for the mining industry.

The company offers policy development, workplace education and drug and alcohol testing (pre-employment, random and post-incident / causal).

ToxLogic operates collection centres in Melbourne and Morwell, and has qualified collectors throughout Australia to efficiently service the requirements of our clients.

Drug and alcohol policy development and education for the mining sector

Before commencing drug and alcohol testing, it is important for a client to have a robust Workplace Drug and Alcohol policy in place.

ToxLogic provides a wide range of alcohol and drug testing services for mining personnel.
Laboratory-based hair testing services are available.
All testing performed by ToxLogic is done in accordance with National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) requirements.

ToxLogic can assist clients with policy development and implementation, as well as employee education around the impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Drug and alcohol testing services for on-site mining personnel

ToxLogic offers a wide range of testing services for mining personnel.

Pre-employment testing is conducted at a ToxLogic site to the requirements of the potential employer. Pre-employment testing is most commonly done using urine samples, though requests to test hair samples are increasing. While urine testing will provide information about recent drug use, hair testing can provide information about drug use within the previous few months.

Random testing comprises unannounced testing conducted on a group of employees on-site. Most commonly done using urine or oral fluid (saliva) testing, ToxLogic is also able to conduct the random selection of employees.

The company also offers post-incident or causal testing, where on-site testing is conducted when there is a specific reason to test a limited number of people such as an accident, plant damage, or suspicious behaviour. Post-incident and causal testing is most commonly done using urine or oral fluids. ToxLogic provides a 24/7 service for this testing for contracted clients and will attend the client site within an agreed time, usually two hours from call-out.

In addition, the company provides return to work testing service, where testing is conducted at a ToxLogic site to the requirements of an employer. This testing is most commonly done using urine or oral fluid (saliva).

Accredited urine and saliva testing services

All testing undertaken by ToxLogic is done in accordance with our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation.

Urine testing is completed to AS/NZS 4308: 2008 requirements and oral fluid (saliva) testing to AS 4760: 2006 requirements.

All hair testing is completed using documented chain of custody procedures and all testing laboratories used for urine, oral fluid and hair testing are NATA or ISO accredited.

Employee testing methodology

On-site testing of urine and oral fluid samples will provide a result within ten minutes of an employee providing a sample.

If the result is negative, no further testing of the sample is required. If the result of the on-site test cannot be declared negative by the ToxLogic collector, the sample will be securely packaged and sent to an accredited laboratory for confirmatory testing. Final results are usually available within two days of the laboratory receiving the sample.

Breath alcohol testing is routinely conducted with every urine and oral fluid test. All breath alcohol testing equipment is AS 3547 compliant and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Hair testing is a laboratory-based test with results available between seven and ten business days after sample collection.

About ToxLogic

ToxLogic began operating in 2013 when the services provided by Occupational Toxicology Services (hair testing) and JK ProCare Systems (urine and oral fluid testing) were combined and offered under a single company.

The company is based in Victoria, Australia, and accredited by NATA for medico-legal sample collection and testing for drugs (Accreditation No. 19780).

Our personnel include medical scientists, experienced nurses and qualified workplace trainers. We confidentially and efficiently deliver professional services that are customised to client requirements.

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Products & services

  • Hair Testing

    ToxLogic collects hair samples that are sent to referral laboratory Cansford Laboratories, a world leader in drug and alcohol testing using hair analysis.

  • Urine Testing

    The detection of drugs using urine is well established with the first version of the Australian Standard AS 4308 being released in 1995.

  • Oral Fluid Drug Testing

    The detection of drugs using oral fluid / saliva is a more recent development in the workplace drug testing field.

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