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Spill Response and Absorbent Products for Oil, Gas and Hazardous Waste on Land and in Water

Spill Tech oil and pollution control offers immediate assessment and clean-up services for spills on land and in water. Spill Tech has a national spill response network of associated companies to enable it to respond to any incident, anywhere across the country.

Spill Tech is South Africa’s leading oil and chemical spill response company.

Thousands of tonnes of oil, gas and hazardous materials are spilled on land, in oceans and into air environments and remedial action needs to be fast-acting and efficient. Spill Tech has a 24hr national spill response network of associated companies to respond to any incident. The company offers cross-border spill response to neighbouring countries, including Botswana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

Hazardous spill response team

Spill Tech is an approved emergency response contractor to most petroleum companies in South Africa. The company has a dedicated call centre and control room to receive alerts.

Spill Tech is prepared for all types of emergency situations using experienced personnel, equipment and vehicles to respond to situations, including:

  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Over-turned chemical tankers
  • Abandoned unknown chemical drums
  • Illegal drug lab clean-ups
  • Industrial factory floods
  • Chemical fires
  • Ruptured chemical process lines
  • Chemical tank failure
  • Dangerous reacting chemicals
  • Unstable chemicals
  • Waste management

Spill Tech offers specialised cleaning services such as:

  • Fire decontamination and debris removal
  • Industrial flood damage
  • Pumping / up-liftments
  • Asbestos removal and demolition
  • Bioremediation of polluted sites
  • High-pressure cleaning

Effective, natural oil absorbent

Spill Tech uses and supplies Biozorb, which is a modern, preferred absorbent for spill clean-ups and remediation projects by professinals throughout the world.

Oil, chemical and universal absorbents

Spill Tech supplies a wide range of oil, chemical and universal absorbent products, including booms, pads, cushions, scatter and degreasers. Absorbents can be ordered and transported anywhere in Southern Africa, and to neighbouring countries.

Oil, chemical and universal spill kits

Spill Tech holds a variety of pre-packed spill kits for multiple industries.

Compact vehicle spill kits, medium and large size kits and wheely bin and laboratory kits are available in oil, chemical and universal variants. Spill Kits can be ordered and transported into anywhere in Southern Africa, and to neighbouring countries.

Spill Tech’s spill response resources include:

  • HAZMAT technicians trained to NFPA standards
  • HAZMAT operations trained responders
  • HAZMAT response vehicles for oil and chemical spills on 24hr standby
  • Large stocks of oil and chemical absorbents
  • Pneumatic chemical and acid pumps and compressors
  • Pneumatic hydrocarbon and solvent pumps
  • A full range of PPE, from level A to level D
  • Decontamination units
  • Emergency lighting and generators
  • High-volume diesel-driven pumps

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