Croc Tyres develops and commercialises airless off-the-road (OTR) tyre technologies for heavy-duty industrial, agricultural and construction vehicles.

Crocodile tyres are a new type of airless (semi-solid) tyre designed specifically for industrial machines such as skid steer loaders, and mining equipment such as underground drill rigs, shotcrete machines and construction vehicles. An agricultural machine tyre and an elevated work platform (EWP) tyre will be released in March 2018.

We are expanding into the international marketplace as there are global opportunities to utilise airless tyre technology.

Airless tyres for industrial mining equipment

The Crocodile airless tyre technology is the result of many years of development in Western Australia, one of the most adverse environments in the world for OTR tyres. The result is a maintenance-free OTR tyre, which provides exceptional tread life, durability and a soft-cushioned ride, enhancing operator comfort and machine transmission life.

Croc Tyres manufactures airless off-the-road (OTR) tyre technologies for heavy-duty mining vehicles.
The Crocodile tyre technology provides high return on investment (ROI) and service life.
Our punctureless tyres offer enhanced ride comfort.
They are suitable for heavy-duty equipment such as skid steer loaders, underground drill rigs and shotcrete machines.
Tracks on Croc Tyres in mud.
This tyre provides outstanding cushioning and durability under the harshest conditions including applications such as demolition, scrap metal yards, hard rock mining areas, workshop clean ups, rough and jagged terrain, scrub and staked areas and more.
This tyre is undergoing final trials and is suitable for a wide range of mining equipment, particularly for underground Jumbo Drill Rigs. One of its advantages over other tyres is the elimination of machine breakages through a more cushioned, patented double-void system in the tyre.
Crocodile Mining Service tyres provide excellent cut and tear resistance, as well as superior ride comfort. Also eliminates boom breakage on underground mining machines and significantly reduces cost compared to solid-filled pneumatic tyres through the elimination of side wall rips and downtime.
A JCB Skid Steer Loader with a brush cutter attachment for clearing vegetation.
Crocodile Tyres are suitable for small shotcrete machines.

Crocodile’s technology is a commercial-ready, punctureless industrial tyre that can provide high return on investment (ROI) and profitability.

We also have two new Crocodile tyres entering the market in March 2018, including a new agricultural tyre (released in March 2018), and a 350-510-900MK1 (EWP-elevated work platform) tyre, which is equivalent to the pneumatic 355-55 D 65 tyre.

A smaller industrial tyre is in development and will be released around June 2018.

Maintenance-free, heavy-duty tyres

The Crocodile tyre is an airless tyre with a number of unique characteristics.

The technology was invented by Alan Burns, who identified the need for a tough, maintenance-free tyre for applications in adverse Australian outback conditions that also provide a comfortable ride and use standard pneumatic rims that are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and freely available.

The Crocodile tyre consists of a steel ring welded around the outer periphery of a standard pneumatic tyre rim, onto which the tyre rubber is bonded during the moulding (vulcanisation) process.

Its major advantages include:

  • Its elimination of the need for a custom rim (required by other non-pneumatic tyres)
  • Superior ride comfort with key features protected by international patents
  • The ability to customise the disc centre to suit many various machines and applications

Benefits of airless OTR tyres

There is a clear-felt need in the market for a punctureless tyre that offers enhanced ride comfort in comparison to current non-pneumatic and solid tyres.

Crocodile’s ability to fit to a standard pneumatic rim, its lower mass, manufacturing advantages and enhanced ride comfort makes it a leading solution in this market.

The benefits of using Crocodile tyres include:

  • Improved machine productivity: downtime due to tyre damage is eliminated
  • Increased safety: no risk of blowouts under load, and easy to fit
  • Superior durability: tread life up to four times longer than pneumatic equivalents
  • Crocodile tyres are 100% recyclable, so reduced waste tyres will go to landfill
  • Higher ROI: compared with pneumatic tyres, due to higher tyre life and the elimination of downtime

About Croc Tyres

Croc Tyres is a private company registered in Australia and based in Brisbane, Queensland.

We have the rights to the patented Crocodile tyre technology and associated trademarks, as well as maintaining exclusive rights to distribute and manufacture Crocodile tyres worldwide.