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Environmental Management, Auditing, Training and Consulting for Mines

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Graham A Brown & Associates covers the areas of environmental management, auditing and consulting; occupational health and safety management, auditing and consulting; social and community relations management; risk management; root cause analysis; management systems; and training development and delivery. We are agents for Intelex business management software.

Environmental training for mine personnel

Environmental training is one of the most important activities in the development of any environmental management program. Graham A Brown & Associates offers a unique training development and delivery facility, which covers every level of an organisation from the boardroom, commissioners, authority or governing body, to the workforce on the factory floor, in the workshop or at the coalface.

Graham A Brown & Associates conducts public training courses both in Australia and internationally. They include one-hour workforce-level programmes, half-day and one-day management training, two-day EMS training, and a five-day environmental auditor certification workshop certified by RABQSA International (the principal certification body for environmental auditors in Australia).

Client-specific environmental training for mine personnel

A range of client-specific environmental training courses, publications, manuals and procedure documents have been developed as a part of our comprehensive service and product philosophy. These training courses are aimed at all personnel from workforce through to top management.

Graham A Brown & Associates has unique capabilities and experience in development of environmental training for mines.
We provide a range of environmental training courses for mine personnel.
Our environmental training for mines is certified by RABQSA International.
We also offer environmental, social and OHS audits for mines.

All of our public training programmes can also be customised for delivery to in-house groups.

Environmental, social and OHS audits for mines

Graham A Brown & Associates’ environmental and resource consultants have collectively and individually undertaken more than 500 environmental, social and OHS audits in Australia and internationally over the past 30 years. Our rate of return business and the number of annual audits conducted on behalf of our clients is testament to the benefits of using our experienced auditors.

We are a major trainer of environmental auditors and the authors of the Environmental Audit Guidebook, a standard guide to environmental auditing published by Thomson Reuters, Australia. Our auditors have extensive experience in a variety of industries and levels of government.

Custom internal and external audits for mines

Our audits are carried out by experienced and qualified auditors using customised audit protocols which can include a rating system (optional) to allow clients to benchmark their environmental performance. Our audits can be conducted as internal audits (against a client’s criteria and/or for their internal use) or as external audits (against standard criteria and/or for external use).

Our audits conform to national and international standards where appropriate, including AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 (OHS audits), ISO 19001 (quality audits), Equator Principles, World Bank Guidelines and Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards, among others.

Some of the audits we conduct include:

  • Environmental, safety and quality performance audits
  • Environmental, safety and quality management system audits
  • Greenhouse gas and energy audits
  • Regulatory compliance audits (environment and safety)
  • Phase one audits (site assessment)
  • Social/community relations audits

Mentoring of coordinators for environmental, OHS or quality management systems

The timetable for certification of an environmental, OHS or quality management system is dependent on resources provided, the dedication of people concerned, and management commitment.

Graham A Brown & Associates mentors EMS, QMS and SMS or integrated management system coordinators through the process of management system development or implementation, to ensure the process of developing the system stays on track and on time. Alternatively, we can develop the system remotely, liaising with relevant personnel where required.

The mentoring process usually consists of periodic visits to the site from one of our experienced management system consultants on a regular basis: weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on requirements. The consultant will meet with the coordinator and work through one or more stages of development and implementation, over an agreed period of a day or more.

Tasks completed during the mentoring process include training delivery, documentation review, management reviews, gap analysis and software implementation.

System development services for mines

Many clients don’t have the internal resources to sustain a mentoring programme, or even to develop an effective system on their own. Graham A Brown & Associates can assist organisations to develop effective systems, minimising internal resource requirements and ensuring a professional and comprehensive outcome.

Our system development services generally start with a gap analysis or scoping exercise to determine the shape of the system and how it will best work within the organisation. Our experienced consultants work with you to determine the most appropriate processes to achieve the desired system and performance outcomes.

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