Pumps2000 is a unique air operated dual diaphragm design that outperforms the competition even under the most difficult conditions. Pumps 2000 dual diaphragm pumps were originally designed for the harsh mining applications and are guaranteed to out perform and out last the competition due to a number of patented design features meaning low cost life cycle due to these unique design advantages.

Megator has built a global reputation for manufacturing innovative and unique positive displacement pumps and pollution control solutions for some of the harshest environments. The performance, quality and reliability of our products in General Industry, Marine, Mining and Pollution Control applications continually exceeds our customers’ expectations. Since 1946, we have been helping customers choose the best equipment and solutions for their specific needs. Our pumps and systems are used in thousands of demanding locations, including O&G, chemicals and in navies such as the U.S. Navy and the British Royal Navy.

www.Pumps2000.com offers the first complete redesign of the AODD pump that is superior in every way. P2k pumps were originally designed for hard rock mining in Australia as an alternative to heavy, maintenance intensive AODD pumps for abrasive, solid laden and corrosive fluids.

They last significantly longer, have greater capabilities, are more reliable, use less cfm’s reducing energy costs, have a 3rd of the wear parts and no end of life. They are rugged yet light weight, have low noise levels and are truly lubrication free. Our portable series include 1/2″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″ ball valve pump and a 1″ and 2″ slurry valve pump. We also offer the World’s first High Volume 3″ ball valve pump that produces 95 m^3/hr and 4″ slurry that produces 122 m^3/hr.

We have never lost to another brand and are driving other companies to come out with new products and design changes.

Our unique design features are patented, and we are the only manufacturer that is vertically integrated. We make everything in house and have a number of new products that will be released in 2024 such as electrically driven pumps, submersible pumps.

We built our business through our unique trial program where we prove the pumps first, before purchase and offer our distributors pumps on consignment for trials risk free. We have many distributors that already had other brands.

Among the pumps features are:

  • Patented long life diaphragm & self-cleaning slurry valve design.
  • Low air consumption.
  • True lube free & stall free air motor.
  • Low weight due to lightweight plastic & aeronautical design approach.
  • Anti-icing *Large solids handling (up to 1.5″ on 2″ Pump).
  • High Suction Lift.
  • Low noise level (84dBA or lower)

In addition to providing tough, reliable pumps to the mining industry we are actively looking for distributors through-out Europe in all industries.  We would love the chance to meet (initially) online to discuss the pump’s merits and explain how our risk free trial program for distributors works.