Cytec Solvay Group develops products that optimize mining operations worldwide in alumina processing, mineral processing, and solvent extraction. As the right partner, with the right chemical technologies at just the right time, 2015 marks 100 years of Cytec Solvay Group’s leadership and commitment to the mining industry.

Cytec Solvay Group enables customers to improve productivity and reduce operating costs while meeting complex economic, environmental and metallurgical challenges. As the demands of the industry are changing, Cytec Solvay Group is partnering with mining companies around the world to deliver reagent solutions for the recovery and production of copper, alumina, gold, nickel / cobalt, polymetallic ores, and many other metals and minerals.

We provide onsite support, where our experienced team works right alongside you to resolve your challenges with robust solutions.

We can offer you peace of mind through our commitment to reliable product supply. Cytec Solvay Group considers itself a supplier and a long-term partner for your business.

The right partner. The right chemical technologies. At just the right time.
This year marks Cytec’s 100 years of commitment to the mining industry. Cytec's products optimize mining operations worldwide in alumina processing, mineral processing, and solvent extraction and continue to lead the way with innovative chemistries and formulation expertise.
Cytec's industry professionals diligently work with customers to solve problems, help optimize production, and identify cost savings opportunities.
Your partnership with Cytec ensures that your project benefits from the latest chemical technology.

Products and industries

Cytec Solvay Group is a leading supplier of chemical reagents to the copper industry enabling its customers to maximize the performance of their operations through optimized reagent selection, superior application expertise, and a constant stream of innovative products and technologies.

Cytec Solvay Group offers a broad range of solvent extraction reagents, collectors (promoters), frothers, flocculants, and depressants; including specialized collectors used to separate in copper sulfide ores and for copper containing byproduct metals, such as gold and molybdenum.

Copper flotation

Cytec Solvay Group uses it’s proprietary FLOTATION MATRIX 100™, a methodology developed in-house, combining the company’s 100 years of experience in flotation, unique chemistries, and our application expertise and insights to optimize mineral flotation.

AEROPHINE®, AERO® and AEROFLOAT® collectors (promoters) are used extensively for the flotation of sulfide minerals including copper, gold, lead, zinc, nickel, iron, and many others that provide improved performance, higher selectivity than more traditional sulfide collectors and better overall metallurgical performance.
Copper Solvent Extraction

Cytec Solvay Group also utilizes its proprietary solvent extraction modeling software, MINCHEM®, for the design and optimization of solvent extraction circuits. A version of this program, MEUM™, is made available under license to Cytec Solvay Group customers worldwide.

ACORGA® copper extractants have a proven track record in the industry and are used by the largest copper producing mines in the world.

Solvent extractants for other metals

The company offers a broad range of solvent extractants for the purification and concentration of copper, nickel-cobalt, molybdenum, rare earths and a number of other metals.

CYANEX® extractants are used commercially in a wide range of metal separation applications and have been studied for numerous others.

CYANEX® 923 is a mixture of trialkyl phosphine oxides with a wide range of applications. CYANEX® 600 is a dialkyl phosphinic acid extractant for molybdenum recovery. CYANEX® 572 is a formulation for the separation and recovery of rare earth elements.

Another recent development to assist Cu SX circuits reduce costs is ACORGA® CB1000 Clay Binder for optimal organic phase clay treatment. This technology allows plants to achieve higher flow rates and save costs through reduced bleed requirements and lower entrainment losses.

Alumina Processing

Cytec Solvay Group Alumina has gone from problem to solution with the introduction of premiere products, such as HXPAMS for the Bayer Process and MAX HT® for Sodalite scale control, which created significant value for the industry.

Today, Cytec Solvay Group stands as the innovation leader in the industry and has a full product line of flocculants, scale inhibitors, crystal growth modifiers, defoamers, dewatering aids, bauxite handling aids, auto precipitation reduction aids, humate removal aid, liquor filtration aids, and dust control agents in order to address the needs of the industry.