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Road Maintenance and Dust Management Solutions for the Mining Industry

910 54th Avenue, Suite 230, Greeley, Colorado 80634,Other, United States of America

910 54th Avenue, Suite 230, Greeley, Colorado 80634,Other, United States of America

EnviroTech Services has been successfully providing products and services to improve mining road safety for 22 years. We deliver innovative road maintenance and safety solutions with proven performance and personalized service for mining environments. Our products are not only better for the environment; they also outperform the competition.

We specialize in high-quality solutions for products including dust control and soil stabilization, sensors and spray systems, de-icing and specialty products.

Dust control, erosion and soil stabilization

EnviroTech offers a variety of exceptional products for all of your dust control, erosion, and soil stabilisation needs.

  • Erosion control products Flex and Xhesion DC
  • Lignin dust control products – Lignosulfonate
  • Liquid dust control products – Xhesion DC, ET-820 , ET-730 , ET-550 (blended) and Xhesion DC, durablend (enhanced)
  • Chloride products – Road Saver
  • Non-chloride products – Xhesion DC , Flex, Lignosulfonate
  • Non-chloride stabilization products – Xhesion DC

EnviroTech Services Opens New State-of-the-Art Facility in Prineville, Oregon

EnviroTech Services, a road maintenance and safety solutions company that produces products to improve natural and man-made environments, recently announced the opening of a new facility in Prineville, Oregon. It is the company's first facility in Oregon and will serve as a blending and storage f

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