Roobuck develops, manufactures, certifies and imports LED products for mining, petrochemical and safety industries.

All of the company’s Ex products are certified in IECEx in both Group I for underground coal mines and Group II for petrochemical applications.

Roobuck supplies most Australian underground mines, various refineries, military and rescue organisations, and its customers include many international cooperation such as BHP Billiton, Anglogold, Xstrata, Barrick Gold, BP and Caltex. Roobuck also exports to other Oceania countries, America, Africa and South-Eastern Asia, with strong support by Austrade.

Cordless miner's caplamp certified in IECEx. Five models in different light outputs and weights. Charging banks available in different sizes and two single chargers. Various application and protection accessories.
Intrinsically safe helmet lamps certified in IECEx. Five models in different light outputs and weights. Main charger and vehicle charger. Various accessories including head band.
Flame-proof underground mining vehicle headlight and worklight. 50W LED light with general, dim and signal modes. Brass enclosure. Service free and easy installation. Low surface temperature.
ELV tunnel lighting system. A number of LED lights in IP67 are powered by 36VAC from a step-down transformer. The safest light for underground coal mines and CPPs.
LED hi-vis safety vest complying with AS/NZS4602.1 and EN ISO20741. Red LEDs are dotted on the standard hi-vis vest to actively highlight your present without need for incoming light.
LED helmet beacons. Tiny intrinsically safe signalling devices worn on the brim of your helmet on back or inserted in an earmuff slot to protect you all the time.
Cordless LED Saldblast light powered by rechargeable lithium battery can be mounted on the sandblaster nozzle for convenient illumination during the blasting.
Hinge adaptor for mining caplamp transforms fixed cap lamp headpiece into a flexible angle one allowing you to tile the light upward.
Steel wire mesh reinforced HDPE pipe and fitting for high-pressure in less weight. Significant improvement over general PE pipe. Automatic electrofusion makes the installation much easier and quicker.

Roobuck is managed under ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC80079-34 Quality Management Systems. The company develops and manufactures I.S., flameproof and encapsulating Ex equipment for underground coal mining and petrochemical industries. Its innovating and dynamic research and development (R&D) team is constantly developing Ex LED products for lighting and signalling. Most of Roobuck’s R&D projects are supported by various incentive programmes and research funding from commonwealth government and state government. The company filed four patents and design rights in 2014.

Cordless caplamps

Roobuck’s sister company Kinyun Australia manufactures this series of cordless caplamps, which is Australia’s first, one-of-a-kind and intrinsically safe.

The series includes ten models for both Group I for underground coal mines and Group II for the petrochemical industry. A whole range of charging racks are supplied for different numbers of caplamps and different power supplies. Various accessories help users improve the efficiency of the lamp and also offer protection such as a vehicle charger and rubber sheath.

Roobuck also has traditional caplamps in the world’s brightest model and Australia’s cheapest model, with charging racks and single chargers.

Signal hand lamps

Five models are available in Roobuck’s range of signal hand lamps, including signal-only models and signal plus illumination models in different colours and operating modes. Both Group I and Group II are available certified in IECEx.

Flameproof underground vehicle headlight and work light

The flameproof vehicle headlight and work light was specifically developed for underground coal mine applications by utilising a brass enclosure and LED light features.

This is the brightest Ex headlight for use by an underground vehicle with beam control, signalling and temperature control. The unique structure makes it robust and easy for installation, and given 50,000 lifetime. It is currently under IECEx certification by TestSafe.

ELV tunnel lighting system

The whole system includes several LED tunnel lights with junction boxes powered from a 240V – 36V transformer. The low-voltage, IP67 and rebuts structure makes it completely safe for underground coal mines and coal processing plant applications.

The ELV tunnel lighting system is primarily designed for general lighting outside of the hazardous area in underground coal mines, but can also be used individually for coal processing plants using a Roobuck transformer, or the site’s own one.

LED hi-vis safety vests

Roobuck offers LED garments that are Australia’s first to comply with AS/NZS4602.1 and the first European types that comply with EN ISO 20471.

With LED signalling on top of your standard passive reflective hi-vis safety vests, you do not have to rely on on-coming lights to generate short distance reflection any longer. This LED-enhanced safety vest is perfect to highlight a person’s presence, making them clearly visible and safe at all times.

The LEDs are powered by two AA alkaline batteries. Two models are currently available.

LED helmet beacons

LED helmet beacons are tiny signalling devices worn on the brim of the helmet on the back, or inserted in an earmuff slot. These products are suitable for underground mines, rescue activities, harbour operations or any situation where protection in the dark is needed.

Roobuck offers LED helmet beacons in two sizes, two wearing methods and two directions. They are designed to be intrinsically safe and have an IECEx certificate.

Hinge adaptor for mining caplamp

The beam direction of a cap lamp has a downward angle with a horizontal line. This angle is fixed because neither the bracket on the helmet nor the clip on the headpiece has any mechanism to adjust this angle.

Roobuck’s hinge adaptor permits the cap lamp headpiece to be moved up so the light beam direction can be changed.

Steel wire mesh reinforced HDPE pipe

Roobucks supplies this innovative pipe, which is composed of steel wire mesh as the reinforcement and HDPE for the stuffing material around the mesh. The pipe fittings consist of a steel sheet as the reinforcing part and the HDPE as the stuffing material injected on both sides of the steel sheet.

Such steel reinforcement significantly increases pressure and reduces weight. The pipe’s lightweight and completely automatic electrofusion welding makes installation faster and easier than traditional PE pipes, and reduces the installation cost.