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Earthmover Tyre Repair System

The TAP RAP tyre repair system is an advanced technology, putting used EM-OTR tyres back into service efficiently and safely.

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The TAP RAP tyre repair system is an advanced technology, putting used EM-OTR tyres back into service efficiently and safely. 50 years of experience retreading tyres has gained the system recognition as an industry leader from customers worldwide, from passenger to EM-OTR tyre sizes. TAP RAP has both the technology and the materials to ensure the swift and reliable repair of a wide range of mining tyre problems.


The TAP RAP advanced tyre repairing system was developed and patented by Mr. Giuseppe Ferrara, one of the owners of an Italian tyre retreading company established in 1955. RFP has managed the research and development activities of all TAP RAP products for 25 years.

The tyre repair system was developed in the process of finding solutions to the problem of tyre casing shortage, and was then applied to tyre retreading, from truck to EM OTR tyres. This was due to a lack of high-quality repair systems available on the market at the time.


Mr Ferrara’s passion for tyre recovery has channelled the development of the following:

  • Patches with non-conventional cord plies displacement, the Tap Rap series repair units differ from conventional repair in that they incorporate modified bias angle between plies, to provide greater flexibility , elasticity and durability.
  • The Sidewall cables replacement system for radial tyres: this process enables the repair of sidewall damage that has even propagated to the bead area, traditionally the most difficult section of a tyre to repair successfully


Our main task is the continuous improvement of our systems through the prevention of bulging and stiffening of a tyre’s repaired area. We work with an active focus on continuous improvement of our technology and products. We also have a research and development cooperation activity with the Engineering University of Bari.


We not only sell tyre repair products but transfer 50 years of experience in the market to our clients’ businesses. The advanced technology utilised by TAP RAP offers the following features to our customers:

  • Rapid solution to OTR tyre shortage
  • Up to 65% of reject OTR tyres can be recovered
  • Economical choice for end-users
  • Short payback time for capital investment
  • It is a healthier solution for the environment

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