In the globalised mining industry, future challenges can only be mastered by raising productivity and reducing operating and extraction costs. At the same time, all environmental regulations must be met, while providing safe working conditions.

As one of the global active players in the mining business, Siemens AG has developed a comprehensive answer to these challenges: Completely Integrated Solutions, encompassing the entire solution portfolio – from extracting to transportation and benefication of raw materials. Together, these solutions form the SIMINECIS product family, which also supports future technology migration and expansion of mine operations.

This integrated approach is backed by the expertise of the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Service division, where 35,000 employees continually work on advanced solutions for diverse industries including the mining and metals industry.


The SIMINECIS product family combines process technology, process automation, drive systems, energy supplies, IT / MES, water treatment, infrastructure and the corresponding life cycle services into intelligent and efficient complete solutions. Naturally, a mine’s geological conditions determine the requirements for extraction planning, logistics and throughput of the benefication plant. By considering these system parameters, we design an individual, integrated solution around the industry-proven products of the SIMINECIS product family.

SIMINE<span class='sup'>CIS</span> SH for more drive and productivity with AC drive systems for mining shovels. SIMINE<span class='sup'>CIS</span> TR for more performance and productivity with AC drives for off-highway haul trucks.
SIMINE<span class='sup'>cis</span> EXC: the economical and reliable way to increase output – for bucket wheel / bucket chain excavators and continuous handling equipment.
SIMINE<span class='sup'>CIS</span> Winder: hoisting machines for underground mining.
SIMINE<span class='sup'>CIS </span>CON: reliability and ease of maintenance - for all types of conveyors.
SIMINE<span class='sup'>CIS</span> Mill GD: solutions for gearless drives.


All process steps are marked by innovative solutions aimed at higher productivity, higher quality and lower costs. One such example is the world’s first gearless walking dragline, SIMINECIS DRAG. Increasing productivity by up to 20%, it sets a new standard for drives. And there are more examples. In transportation, the SIMINECIS product family assures maximum productivity by integrating all data flows and by combining low maintenance AC drives with highly reliable basis automation systems. Pelletising plant operators benefit from SIMINECIS Pellet, an innovative process technology that raises productivity, reduces environmental pollution and results in lower operating costs. All these solutions are simply highlights from the SIMINECIS product family, which provides many more trendsetting technological solutions.


The SIMINECIS product family not only supplies the entire process chain, it also increases data transparency throughout all plant levels. To name just an example, SIMINECIS Prolog is a new MES tool that ensures a continuous flow of information to close the gap between the management and production levels. Now, from a business administration point of view, all processes can be optimised based on company objectives. Use of the modular MES solution makes it possible to increase the productivity and economic efficiency of the mine.


Mines generally remain in operation over several decades, so that service plays a central role when targeting long-term competitive performance. Services for SIMINECIS include a wide scope of activities, ranging from consulting and planning to installation, maintenance and modernisation. When needed, this extends even to dismantling. Moreover, life cycle has been taken into account in the design of the SIMINECIS product family. Each product has been assigned a clear strategy, such as the smooth migration of software and hardware platforms when completely or partially modernising the plant.


Apart from complete plant modules for continuous and discontinuous mining, hoisting shaft systems, pellet plants and preparation plants, the SIMINECIS product family also includes solutions for infrastructure, energy supply, water treatment and security systems.

All in all, Siemens offers an integrated approach that delivers remarkable advantages to both investors and operators. Benefits range from consistently high throughput of bulk material to dependable management of complex material flows. With the SIMINECIS product family, the next generation of mining has already arrived.