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Fluid Analysis and Measurement

Spectro Scientific is one of the largest suppliers of oil, fuel and processed water analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide.

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A specialist in measuring and analysing industrial fluids, Spectro Scientific is one of the largest suppliers of analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. Clients in the mining, petrochemical and power generation industries use Spectro Scientific’s spectrometers for wear metal, lubricant degradation and contamination analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems, all managed with the SpectroTrack software platform.

Performing fluid analysis in the field

The multi-purpose, portable Q5800 Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System is an oil examination tool that combines analysis of abnormal wear metals, with particle counting, viscosity and IR spectroscopy. It is a durable, battery-operated system that can be used in the field to sample lubricants and make quick decisions based on quantitative information.

The FluidScan Q1000 infrared spectrometer measures fluid chemistry, while the SpectroVisc Q3000 kinematic viscometer measures viscosity, the Filtration Particle Quanitifier (FPQ) counts particles and the X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology performs elemental analysis.

Lightweight fluid chemistry and viscosity kit

The FluidScan Q1000 and SpectroVisc Q3000 kinematic viscometer combination kit means that you can monitor fluid chemistry and viscosity in the field and get immediate feedback on critical oil analysis properties. The handheld FluidScan Q1000 is particularly suitable for TAN or TBN analysis, and contamination and additive depletion by infrared spectroscopy. The kinematic viscometer is available in a range of different languages, and is controlled at 40°C.

The Q5800 Expeditionary Fluid Analysis system means you can analyse oil samples in the field.
The SpectroVisc Q3000 measures viscosity as part of the Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System.
The Spectroil Q100 is an atomic emission spectrometer.
Particle size analysis, particle counting and dynamic viscosity measurement are all carried out by the LaserNet Fines Q200.
The Industrial Tribology Laboratory (ITL) measures lubricant and machine condition.
The FDM Q600 ‘fuel sniffer’ is a portable fuel dilution meter that can be used in the laboratory or the field.

Oil, fuel and water analysis

The Spectroil Q100 is an emission spectrometer. It measures wear metals, additives and contaminants in machinery fluids such as oil, fuel, cooling and wash-down water. It can produce results in less than half a minute, and requires little training and no sample preparation.

The rotating disk electrode (RDE) is compliant with ASTM D6595 and D6728 and will simultaneously analyse wear, additives and contaminants in fluids and oils.

Monitoring hydraulic and lubricating oil

The LaserNet Fines Q200 performs particle size analysis, particle counting and dynamic viscosity in one bench-top device. It can be used as part of a monitoring programme to examine machinery hydraulic and lubricating oil.

Morphological analysis and measurement of the particle size distribution of abnormal wear particles is performed, which gives the operator an assessment and a history of previous results for the same equipment.

In order to do this accurately the Q200 produces and stores thousands of images. It can also provide an accurate measurement of dynamic viscosity at the same time it performs particle count and particle classification.

Complete fluid analysis laboratory

The Industrial Tribology Laboratory (ITL) is designed to provide complete lubricant analysis. It measures lubricant and machine condition, which is essential for an effective predictive maintenance system. The system is easy to configure with other devices and can be expanded with other measurement apparatus. Most measurements take less than a minute, and results can be sent to a central computer or network for database storage.

Fuel contamination detection

Spectro Scientific’s FDM Q600 ‘fuel sniffer’ can be used in the lab or the field to test for fuel contaminants in engine oil. Developed in collaboration with the US Navy, it can be used to rapidly detect fuel in lubricants. Contamination can cause wear and reduce the effectiveness of machinery, so the fuel sniffer can be a valuable tool.

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Products & services

  • SpectroLNF Q200 Series

    The Q200 series includes a multi-purpose benchtop instrument that combines particle counting, particle morphology, particle size analysis and dynamic viscosity within a single compact device, using LaserNet® Fines technology.

  • Q5800 Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System

    The Q5800 is a multi-purpose portable measurement tool that combines abnormal wear metals analysis, particle counting, viscosity and IR spectroscopy into a compact, transportable system.

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