McElroy Fusion Machinery for Joining Thermoplastic Pipes


McElroy is a designer and manufacturer of fusion equipment for the joining of thermoplastic pipes, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), fusible PVC™ and polypropylene.

We also offer a comprehensive line of accessories that can increase productivity and efficiency on-site. We also operate an extensive training programme through McElroy University to ensure that operators and inspectors develop best practices in the quality and reliability of fused pipe systems.

Mining industry polyethylene fusion machines

The first McElroy polyethylene fusion machine was designed in 1969. Our line has since expanded to cover pipes from 0.5in to 2,000mm in size, one of the most expansive ranges of any fusion equipment manufacturer.

Our fusion equipment can accommodate specific jobsite requirements thanks to the various models available. Our TracStar® line offers unique fusion machines that are all-terrain, self-propelled and self-contained. Many of our machines can be configured for in-ditch use, but our Pit Bull® fusion machines are ideal when a compact solution is required.

Accessories to enhance jobsite productivity

Jobsite productivity can be significantly improved when implementing McElroy accessories and productivity tools. Two examples are the PolyHorse® and the MegaMc® PolyHorse® pipe handling systems, which include a series of adjustable racks to store and help move and align pipes on jobsites.

Using a PolyHorse provides a safer environment for handling pipe bundles, and can reduce manpower costs and enhance jobsite productivity by 150%.

Quality assurance and testing tools

Quality testing and assurance can be a significant boon to any jobsite. Our Guided Side Bend Tester and In Field® Tensile Tester are tools that allow for on-site qualitative testing of joint ductility, and are safer, faster, and easier safer than traditional bend tests.

The McElroy DataLogger® provides users with the ability to record key parameters of pipe fusion processes in order to determine whether proper fusion procedures have been followed. Data elements such as time, temperature and pressure are recorded on the hand-held device. On the DataLogger 5, our latest model, users can also capture photos and GPS coordinates.

Clients can also make use of the DataLogger Vault™, a secure server available on the internet that stores fusion joint data not only from the DataLogger 5 but also the DataLogger 3 and 4.

This new feature allows clients access to their fusion joints from any location with internet, and to utilise a variety of analytical tools.

Inspector and operator training courses

Our facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are home to training provided by McElroy University, as well as at certified training centres throughout the country, and at customer locations upon request. Classes include inspector training, operator qualification, troubleshooting and rebuild.

Each class includes a mix of classroom and hands-on sessions, as well as testing after each class to ensure that students have fully understood the proper concepts and procedures.

Students who pass the course receive a McElroy University Operator Qualification training certificate and wallet card, valid for two years.

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Press Release

McElroy Unveils the Polygon™ All-In-One Machine for Miter, Butt and Socket Fusion

McElroy, a leading manufacturer of pipe fusion equipment, has unveiled the new Polygon, a versatile tool uniquely built for the needs of the mechanical, plumbing and HVAC piping industry.

White Papers

High-Density Polyethylene Pipe Systems

Piping made from polyethylene is a cost-effective solution for a broad range of piping problems in municipal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, duct, and agricultural applications.

McElroy Manufacturing

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Press Release

26 November 2018

Manual fusion data logging capability, improved graph display and more!

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9 July 2018

The TracStar Series 2 pipe fusion machines are self-propelled vehicles equipped with a 4-jaw carriage that is used to butt fuse thermoplastic pipe by applying heat and pressure.

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14 May 2018

McElroy, a leading manufacturer of pipe fusion equipment, has unveiled the new Polygon, a versatile tool uniquely built for the needs of the mechanical, plumbing and HVAC piping industry.

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11 June 2017

McElroy has designed the first all-in-one fusion tool for outlet fusion of polypropylene pipe, the Hornet™.

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29 March 2016

A new product by McElroy called the QuickCamp™ System was successfully tested recently at a jobsite in Canada, attracting area contractors and engineers who travelled there to get a first-hand look at the unique shelter and pipe-handling system at work.

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4 November 2015

McElroy, a leading manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fusion equipment, is pleased to add Fortiline Waterworks to its growing network of distributors.

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20 October 2015

McElroy is pleased to announce the addition of a new distributor to serve pipe fusion machine customers throughout Louisiana.

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4 October 2015

The release of the TracStar® 1200 brings the largest pipe fusion capability to date in McElroy's popular line of self-propelled, track-mounted fusion machines.

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22 March 2015

McElroy has unleashed the Talon™ 2000, designed to revolutionise the way large-diameter thermoplastic pipelines are built.

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19 February 2015

McElroy, which manufacturers one of the most extensive lines of thermoplastic fusion machines used worldwide, has opened an office and demonstration facility in Bangalore, India, devoted to sales, rentals and technical service.

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8 February 2015

McElroy has further improved jobsite efficiency with the creation of the OneFit™ Inserts.

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19 January 2015

The launch of McElroy's In-Ditch 48 brings fusion capability to confined work settings using large-diameter pipe.

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14 December 2014

McElroy has brought hydraulic capability to its Pipe Stand line for 4in to 20in (200mm-500mm) pipe to help align thermoplastic pipe more efficiently on butt fusion jobsites.

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10 June 2014

McElroy is pleased to bring wireless capability to the DataLogger® 5, which gives pipe fusion operators the ability to upload data to the DataLogger Vault™, where it can be reviewed and analysed in real-time from anywhere in the world.

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6 April 2014

Cities across the country are facing the costly and urgent task of replacing antiquated water systems that disrupt traffic and interrupt service due to countless, expensive and all-too-familiar water line breaks.

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1 January 2014

McElroy has recently announced the addition of three new distributors that will serve domestic and international customers from east to west.

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McElroy Manufacturing

PO Box 580550


OK 74158-0550

United States of America

Kristin Eeg, MBA - Marketing Services Assistant +1 918 831 9241

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