RG is a renowned manufacturer located in eastern Canada that produces temporary housing and accommodation for mining and other applications.

Customised temporary housing and accommodation

The company has two main strengths: the quality of its temporary housing and accommodation, and its capacity to meet its customers’ specific needs by providing products exactly to their requirements.

Temporary mining camps, trailers, decontamination rooms, catering facilities, offices and sanitary units

RG offers a diversified variety of products such as:

  • Construction trailers
  • Drill camps
  • Decontamination changing rooms
  • Kitchen, cafeteria and catering facilities
  • Mining camps
  • Mobile office complexes
  • All-weather autonomous sanitary units

The company uses high-quality materials to offer reliable and long-lasting temporary accommodation that will always meet your needs.

RG is a temporary housing and accommodation manufacturer located in eastern Canada.
RG offers customised temporary housing and accommodation.
We provide all-weather autonomous sanitary units.

Robust, weather-resistant modular housing, camps and accommodation

We construct our modular housing, camps and accommodation to meet the most challenging weather conditions. We offer a variety of isolation products for the floor, walls and roof (in ratios of R12 to R40).

All-weather autonomous sanitary units

If you need a sanitary installation for your workers, located in an area where there is no water or sewers, we have a solution for you. Our sanitary units are equipped with a unique system which makes it easy to store freshwater and wastewater. Moreover they consume a very minimal quantity of water.

Using those units, you will adopt a green approach while increasing the autonomy of your installation. Built for the difficult conditions of North America, you will be able to use them all year long.

Characteristics of our autonomous sanitary units include:

  • Use small quantity of water
  • Fibreglass walls
  • Welded vinyl floor
  • All-weather isolated unit
  • Built as per individual request to meet customers’ needs

Temporary housing and accommodation installation

For the installation of our temporary housing and accommodation, we work with well-established partners who know our products and will meet your expectations.

In order to offer the best, we rely on our people and a team approach. As we offer training and coaching, we live our company values of responsibility, autonomy, mutuality and pride. We believe in facing today’s challenges to bring tomorrow’s innovations.