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Rollers for Heavy-Duty and Harsh Mining Conditions

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RET-Rollers provides innovative rollers for heavy-duty applications in harsh conditions. Our rollers are the solution for extreme wear resistance under hot and cold conditions or aggressive substances, combined with the best on the market sealing solution.

In practice, the lightweight and very silent rollers increase maintenance intervals and speed up the changing process. A rolling resistance lower than that of steel rollers can save you up to 20% energy or give your existing system the extra handling capacity.


RET-Rollers are very quiet whilst in operation. The typical noise level of steel rollers is reduced from around 80dB – 90dB to around 60dB. This helps to fulfill stricter environmental regulations and increases the employee safety.

Wear-resistant and energy-saving rollers

RET-Rollers are highly wear-resistant, resulting in considerable savings on rollers and maintenance labour costs. The wear-resistant HPDE is friendly to the conveyor belt, and even in jamming situations it does not harm the belt.

Heavy-duty bearing housing and sealing arrangement protects bearings extremely well.
A roller dismantled for inspection after transporting 120Mt of iron ore. No RET-Rollers were damaged during the period.
On mobile equipment with big cantilevers it is possible to save on energy and fuel costs and support steel structures.
Sealing assembly with four lip-sealings on a polyamide sleeve. The inside lip seal protects the bearing form condensation.
Our rollers are made to a diameter of up to 194mm, in fixed and garland designs and with customer-specific dimensions and shaft ends.

Whether direct sunlight at the hot south or cold temperatures in the endless night of the north, RET-Rollers always keep their function. In fact, even dirt, dust, sludge, UV-radiation or corrosive substances have a very limited effect on the rollers.

The HDPE material results in up to 50% lower weight construction and considerably lower resistance to movement which therefore reduces the energy consumption. On mobile equipment, especially when considered already in the design phase, the savings are even bigger.

Lightweight, shock-resistant rollers

As our Rollers offer up to 50% lower weight, maintenance personnel have an easier, faster and safer job in the storage, transportation and installation/replacement of our products. In the initial design phase reduced weight can be utilised in the design of the whole equipment. On existing equipment the reduced loads turn into longer lifetime.

A steel pipe inside the HDPE sleeve ends before the bearing housing, limiting the transfer of shocks. Despite its good wear resistance, the HDPE material is a well-dampening material. In addition, after the sleeve, a very thick HDPE bearing housing with hollow channels absorbs shocks. As the last part, the bearing itself is installed in a sleeve with small holes, providing further shock-absorbing properties, but also ensuring good alignment of the bearing.

Polyamide sleeves for bearing protection

To protect the bearing from unwanted substances such as dust, sludge and water, a polyamide sleeve is been pressed on the stainless steel shaft. This sleeve provides the sealing lips a good-quality running surface and ensures a long lifetime.

The lip seals are placed in a HDPE sealing housing that is pressed in to the bearing cover.

For additional protection a single-lip seal is placed inside the roller, between the bearing and the bearing housing, ensuring that no moisture is penetrating the bearing.

Integrated end-caps

RET-Rollers have allowed the typical problems of loosening end-caps at high roller speeds to be eliminated. By integrating the HDPE end-cap on the HDPE sleeve and weldinmg the bearing housing to the sleeve with a thorough weld, a solid structure closes one further access points towards the centre of the roller.

Heavy-duty rollers

The shaft of our RET-Rollers is made of solid steel. As an option it can also be made of stainless steel. Shaft ends are manufactured in accordance with international standards and customer-specific shapes. Holes and threads for garland assembly are also available.

The rollers are produced in standard, special metric and international sizes ranging from 102mm to 194mm. All rollers have a 30,000 hour operational warranty.

Press Releases

  • RET Rollers Perform in the Worst Conditions

    Dirt, water, corrosive substances, ice or abrasive media alone and together are the worst enemies of conveyor rollers. The constant man power required for inspecting and changing conveyor rollers can be reduced greatly through the use of a higher quality roller solution.

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