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Matador has been producing high-quality conveyor belts since 1955. This vast experience is combined with modern production technology to guarantee Matador conveyor belts will be high-quality, reliable and long-lasting.

Our conveyor belts are produced according to European and worldwide standards, as well as national regulations and specifications. Our products are used worldwide, making us one of the most prominent European producers.

We continually work to develop new and improved constructions for our conveyor belts in our Rubber Research Institute. We also work in close co-operation with universities that attempt to eliminate the practical problems suffered by conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts with textile or steel cord carcasses

We offer conveyor belts with either textile or steel cord carcasses. The textile carcass consists of one to six plies made either from polyamide fibres (P), or polyester and polyamide fibres (EP).

Transbelt moves loose and lump materials under typical working conditions.
The type DP - EPP 2000/2 1800 8+4 A, has a transported quantity of 4,500t/hod, and a speed of 4.5m/s.
The type DP - EP 1000/3 1200 4+2 AA has a transported quantity of 760t/hod, and a speed of 1.2m/s.
Oilbelt transports oily and greasy materials containing non-polar organic solvents and fuel.

Our textile carcass belts are produced in a standard line from 200N/mm to 3,500N/mm. Widths range from 400mm to 2,400mm to suit your specific requirements. All have a protecting rubber edge.

Steel cord carcasses from 1,000N/mm to 5,000N/mm

The steel cord carcass consists of high-tensile steel cords with different diameters depending on the strength. The steel cord conveyor belts are produced in a standard line from 1,000N/mm to 5,000N/mm.

Widths range from 750mm to 2,400mm to suit your specific requirements. These belts also have a protecting rubber edge.

Conveyor belts for transportation of loose materials

The TransBelt is a textile carcass belt for the transportation of loose materials under typical working conditions.

The SteelBelt is a steel cord carcass belt for transport of loose materials over long distances and under arduous conditions. Small elongation under load and low transversal stiffness make them suitable for these arduous conditions.

Conveyor belts for transporting large unsorted material

The ShockBelt is designed for transport of unsorted large lump-sized materials, and provides high resistance to fracture upon impact. The carcass can be formed from one or two special textile plies, type EPP, or from steel cords protected by a special textile breaker.

Conveyor belts for transporting loose material in fire hazardous locations

The FireBelt is designed for transport of loose material in locations where there is a danger of explosion. The carcass can be made of several layers of textile plies, with a special rubber compound safeguarding the adhesive properties and fire resistance of the carcass.

The FireBelt "V" conforms to DIN 22 109-2 and DIN 22129 standards, and the Firebelt "K" to DIN 22103, DIN 22 10429, DIN 22131 and ISO 340 standards.

Conveyor belts for materials of extreme temperatures

The ThermBelt is designed to handle hot lump and bulk materials with temperatures above 60°C.

The FrostBelt is designed to transport bulk and lump materials at temperatures below zero, or to handle frozen materials. The FrostBelt is characteristic for its flexibility at temperatures as low as -60°C.

Conveyor belts designed to handle dangerous materials

The EcotuBelt is designed to handle ecologically dangerous materials that cause severe pollution of the environment and working area. The materials are conveyed in a belt rolled into a closed hose shape.

Oil Belts are designed to handle oily and greasy materials containing non-polar organic solvents and fuel.

Chemical Belts are designed to handle materials in the working environment that contain inorganic acids and bases.

Conveyor belts designed for difficult transportation processes

Slide Belts are designed for the transport of materials borne by a conveyor belt with a sliding surface without roller seats.

Cross Belts are designed for a steep transportation of material vertically or horizontally.

Elevator Belts are designed for the transport of material with a high super elevation over a short distance.

Assisting customers throughout projects

We provide a wide range of services for our customers that assist them throughout a project, including:

  • Technical engineering
  • Designing appropriate types of conveyor belts and strength type calculations
  • Optimisation of traffic routes
  • Assortment unification
  • Technical modifications of your device to optimise traffic conditions
  • Processing surveys, expert opinions and setting out lifespan standards
  • Education, training and service activities

Repairs and accessories for conveyor belts

We also provide joining and correction material for conveyor belts, binding materials for joints, and repairs of conveyor belts by a process of hot binding.

White Papers

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