Freightplus has successfully transported more than 30,000 pieces of mining machinery, earning in the process an enviable reputation for delivering mining assets in full, on time and on budget.

With branches across Australia and USA, Canada, Japan and Thailand, supported by an extensive international network of like-minded, long-term partners, also specialising in the international movement of mining assets, the Freightplus team is well-equipped to make light work of even the most multifaceted logistics challenges, between any two points on Earth.

Despite the geographical challenges laid down by COVID-19 travel restrictions, Freightplus has successfully handled challenging door-to-door shipments of some of the biggest, and most complex mining machines to and from some of the remotest locations in the Africa, Russia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Borneo, Canada, USA, Papua New Guinea, China, India and Saudi Arabia, as well as hundreds of shipments to, from and around Australia.

We provide project management services for the shipment of heavy machinery
Our crew has the experience to handle heavy and challenging, over-dimensional cargo
Freightplus provides steam cleaning to Australia, New Zealand and US quarantine standards for used machinery
Freightplus provides shipping services for heavy machinery in the mining industry, whether you are shipping a Caterpillar dozer, a Hitachi excavator, a Komatsu dump truck or a Tadano crane.
Freightplus can help with a number of ancillary services when your cargo arrives at its destination port

Whilst the dividends of each business unit are funneled back to Australia, each office distributes no less than 10% of its profits to charities and community groups in its local area. Freightplus is very much an organization with a social conscience.

Whether you are mobilising dump trucks, diggers, dozers or drag lines, the very experienced Freightplus crew knows exactly what is required to transport your heavy equipment in the safest and most economical shipping configuration.

Freightplus maintains an extensive technical database with machinery specifications of over 4,000 earthmoving machines.

The company provides a comprehensive range of services related to the international movement of heavy machinery, for a complete end-to-end logistics solution;

Pre-shipment services

  • Pre-purchase, technical machinery appraisal of used mining assets – covering a wide range of brands and models.
  • Dismantling of heavy machinery to suit route and optimize efficiencies.
  • Deep cleaning to Australian, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the USA’s stringent biosecurity entry standards for used machinery, guaranteed to satisfy destination requirements.
  • BMSB treatments.
  • Mechanical support prior to shipment.
  • Lift, load and stow planning.
  • Supervision of operations from site to ship.
  • Customs services including all export clearance documentation and formalities.
  • Preparation of carnets.
  • Chamber of Commerce representation.
  • Payment facilitation between buyer and seller (escrow services).
  • SGS inspections.
  • Marine insurance.
  • Marine surveys.

International freight for heavy machinery

  • Fully comprehensive door-to-door service
  • Regular roll-on / roll-off shipping services
  • Break-bulk shipping
  • Containerised shipping
  • Part or full vessel charters
  • Air freight and heavy-lift aircraft charters
  • Overland haulage
  • Coastal shipping
  • Tug & barge operations
  • Landing craft
  • Sea towing
  • Stevedoring
  • Onboard load and discharge supervision

Post-shipment services at destination

  • Route scope and planning
  • Advance coordination of necessary permits and licenses
  • Payment facilitation between buyer and seller
  • Pre-delivery surveys
  • Dismantling and reassembly of heavy machinery
  • Biosecurity screening and secondary cleaning
  • Mechanical support during all stages of shipment
  • Crane services, with doggers and riggers
  • Container devanning
  • Fumigation
  • Full range of customs services for import
  • Full range of biosecurity compliance services
  • Processing of carnets
  • Customs tariff concession applications
  • Duty drawbacks
  • Duty audits
  • Greenhouse gases compliance and reporting
  • Marine insurance claims
  • Comprehensive job-site delivery
  • Pre-sale refurbishment

In full.
On time.
Within budget.

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