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Baltic Scientific Instruments

Analytical Equipment

Ganibu dambis 26,
PO Box 33,
LV-1005, Riga,

Ganibu dambis 26,
PO Box 33,
LV-1005, Riga,

Baltic Scientific Instruments specializes in the development and production of analytical equipment for different industrial and scientific applications. The main applications are in the mining and metallurgical industries, the nuclear industry and environmental monitoring.

The company has more than 20 years’ experience of providing analytical instruments for the mining industry. This includes quality control of various ores and reprocessed and concentrated material on conveyor belts.

On-line conveyor analyzer

Currently, Baltic Scientific Instruments offers for the mining industry its versatile on-line conveyor XRF analyzer CON-X. With its several modifications, CON-X is able to measure different types of materials: not only powders and solid ore in lumps, but also liquids.

Reliable instruments for on-line elemental analysis of minerals

Using the X-ray fluorescence analysis technique, the Con-X analyzer performs rapid automated on-line elemental analysis of minerals in mines, reprocessing plants and output production. The analyzer is reliable and safe in operation and uses no radioactive sources. It gives high precision and stable results in severe environments such as those with dust, low or high temperature, or humidity.

Using the newest developments in semiconductor detectors with very good parameters gives our analyzers the ability to discern all analyzed elements and to calculate their concentrations in a few minutes time.

Advanced software for elements analysis

For the analysis, the latest developments in the fundamental parameters method are utilized and combined with the empirical coefficient method to achieve the best possible precision. Up to 20 elements are measured simultaneously. Changes in the distance to the measured material are accounted for using software methods.

The analyzed elements start from sulphur, thus covering a significant amount of the industry demand. The analyzer is delivered pre-calibrated using the customer samples, is easy to install and operate, and needs almost no regular service.

Applications for our analytical instruments

Among the applications solved during recent years are:

  • Chromite ore analysis
  • Nickel analysis in concentrated product
  • Copper ore analysis
  • Zinc analysis in concentrated product
  • Cobalt content analysis in iron matrix
  • Iron ore analysis
  • Limestone analysis
  • Sylvinite analysis
  • Silver ore analysis
  • Rutile ore analysis
  • Zircon ore analysis

A modification of the Con-X analyzer is also capable of performing rapid and accurate measurements of various metallic and non-metallic coating thicknesses for the metallurgical industry.

Service and support

The company provides guarantee and post-guarantee service and technical support to the market. The service team can remotely follow the general analyzer status by request of the customer.

The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Baltic Scientific Instruments Ltd

Ganibu dambis 26

PO Box 33

LV-1005, Riga