Ferrum Consultants specialises in consultancy services that deliver commercial, market and technical insight to the iron ore and ferrous metals industries.

We are well respected within the sectors for our comprehensive expertise, which has contributed to our clients’ strategic objectives.

Market research and analysis services for mining applications

Ferrum Consultants performs a wide range of market information and analysis services for the mining sector.

These include supply demand analysis, price development, competitiveness, market dynamic and commercial and logistics processes.

Ferrum Consultants provides specialised advisory services for the mining industry.
Our specialised Masterclass training course aims to provide insight to the metal and iron ore sectors.
We have worked on an array of projects worldwide, including the 4E pit development project.

We also perform value-in-use based analysis to advise you on optimal development of resources to meet your technical requirements or those of the iron and steel-making industry.

Technical support

Ferrum Consultants provides technical services for the review of metallurgical and other related information for the development of product specifications.

Ferrum also provides advice regarding the market application for specific products including potential markets, customers and pricing.

Sales and marketing strategies

Ferrum Consultants offers strategic marketing services, including market definition and identification of potential customers.

We also provide strategy development for sales, marketing and contract negotiation applications.

Due diligence services for the mining industry

Ferrum Consultants offers commodity offtake contract  review and due diligence within the mining sector. Ferrum also offers peer review and strategy assessments relating to study reviews specific to marketing and product offtake.

Commercial support activities

Ferrum Consultants offers a wide range of services to support commercial activities such as risk analysis and management of commercial processes and logistics, including shipping.

We also provide advice on organisational structures, from sales and marketing to the management of contract administration and customer relations, as well as expert witness services for iron ore marketing contractual disputes.

Specialised training courses

Ferrum Consultants offer an array of training courses for commercial, logistics and quality applications.

We have developed The Masterclass, a professional development course designed to provide insight into the iron ore and steel industries.

About Ferrum

Established in 2007, Ferrum Consultants is based in Perth, Western Australia, and comprises a small, multi-disciplinary team.

With extensive consultancy experience worldwide, we offer a wide range of services, advice and expertise for the mining sector.