Thermoset is an established world-class manufacturer of wet disc brake components, including brake components for CAT haul trucks. Since the company began manufacturing wet disc brake components in 1993, it has supplied its range of high quality components to a diversified customer base for a variety of applications, including in the mining industry.

Thermoset is a preferred supplier to many original equipment manufacturers as well as other industry-leading customers. By accessing us directly, our clients maximize value by avoiding dealer mark-ups, while at the same time ensuring they receive high-wet disc brake components straight from the manufacturer.

Located just north of Milwaukee in the US, Thermoset has built a reputation of uncompromised commitment to quality, delivery and continuous improvement while maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has been our priority since the founding of the company back in 1975.

Mining Wet Brake Disc Components

Thermoset is a leading supplier for the mining industry. The company produces the highest quality wet disc brake components and has become a key partner in the industry, lowering operating costs and reducing downtime for its customers.

Thermoset is a leading supplier of wet disc brake components to the mining industry.
Thermoset's range of wet disc brake components includes brake components for CAT haul trucks.
State of the art material testing operates as a compliment to in process prevention to ensure our wet disc brake components are defect free.

Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Over the years Thermoset has developed many proprietary and innovative manufacturing processes which allow for high quality and high value wet disc brake components.

As a full service supplier, our technical staff is committed to working closely with each customer. Lean manufacturing tools are adopted to offer the highest product value achievable.

Management operating systems including TS-16949:2002 and ISO-14001 have been adopted to assure consistent product quality and synergy with the customers we serve.

Brake Component and Friction Material Development

Thermoset is an engineered solutions company. With this philosophy we support your program from concept and feasibility to production of a highly reliable product.

Our industry experienced program managers will manage your product through every step of the development phase offering both in-house and managed outsourced testing capability to assure that the product specifications are met. Project timelines are maintained as a collaborative program team works with you to assure that the product is launched on time.

Our team prides itself on assuring personal attention to customer requirements and is there to support you regardless of the scope of your application from the concept stages up through after-sales support.

Quality Assurance

The Thermoset culture maintains a zero defect mentality in its approach to quality assurance. Processes have been appropriately engineering for defect prevention using error proofing, poka-yoke and statistical process control.

State of the art material testing and measurement systems operate as a compliment to in-process prevention.

Manufacture Direct Pricing

Prices are as follows:

  • 7T2815 – $90.00 each
  • 8W0212 – $60.00 each
  • 6G6500 – $100.00 each
  • 9W7017 – $60.00 each
  • 7D7671 – $42.00 each
  • 7D3013 – $70.00 each