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Electrical Equipment Cleaning for the Mining Industry

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Highvec is a leading provider of unique cleaning system for the mining industry.

Our cleaning process reduces costs by eliminating expensive repairs, minimising downtime, and minimising the potential for injury. Highvec can clean a wide variety of high-voltage equipment, including:

  • Outdoor insulators (up to 230kV)
  • Switch rooms in plants and mills
  • Electric motors

Highvec also provide infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) inspection services to spot potential issues and save you the expense of major repairs.

Electrical cleaning services for mining applications

Highvec provide specialist electrical cleaning services in almost any environment – indoor, outdoor and underground mining. We have completed a wide range of projects, including underground mine substations, all types of metal clad switchgear, and live line outdoor insulators (to 230kV), to name a few. Advantages of the Highvec cleaning method include:

  • Stops corona
  • Stops tracking
  • Prevents flashovers
  • Removes corrosion
  • Removes moisture
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Lowers operating temperature

About Highvec

With over 20 years experience operating in the mining industry, Highvec’s solutions are specially designed and developed with the most demanding applications in mind.

Over the years, we have worked hard to provide the best value for service for our clients. In addition to preventing unscheduled outages and lengthy down time plus improving safety for the workers, we believe the dollar value pay back is tenfold for our customers.

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