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Directional Core Drilling and Borehole Survey Tools

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Devico is a world leading company within directional core drilling and borehole planning. Along with manufacturing high accuracy surveying instruments and continuous core orientation systems.Devico will ensure that you get the most out of your drilling programs. Devico does not only measure the boreholes, but also corrects them and steers them towards the planned target.

Directional core drilling can significantly reduce the total length of drilling needed in a project. By sidetracking a single mother borehole, multiple targets can be reached with a minimum of drilling, while no time is lost moving the drill rig. The accuracy of the steering process ensures that the targets are hit with high precision and thereby maximizes the information gained from a borehole.

Devico multi-shot survey tools give you reliable descriptions of your borehole trajectories in magnetic and non-magnetic rocks. Natural borehole deviation can be significant, so it is crucial to know where you are drilling for correct estimations of ore bodies and resources. Investing in, or hiring, a long lasting Devico survey tool is money well spent.


The DeviDrill is a steerable, wireline operated core barrel. It has been used with great success both within the mining and construction industries worldwide. The ability to steer a borehole gives great benefits prospecting deep ore bodies, controlling natural deviation, keeping the borehole within given limits or hitting the targets with high accuracy.

Devico’s directional core barrel is used for steering the borehole where you want.
Multiple hits through a deposit give you good geological information; no need to drill from the surface each time.
DeviSoft borehole software for PC saves you time by making the survey reports for you.
The DeviDrill packages include technicians to steer, survey and maintain the directional core drilling.
The Devishot multi-shot borehole survey tool is rugged, lightweight and user-friendly.
The DeviFlexmagnetic multi-shot is rugged, very accurate and quick to survey holes inside rods.

The DeviDrill is attached to a normal drill string and is fully compatible with the NWLwireline system. There is no need for additional water pumps, drill strings or survey instruments. Devico’s survey tools are a fully integrated part of the tool. The DeviDrill is hired together with a technician.


Drilling industry most advanced survey instrument tools have a rugged design, and is easy to operate and wireless. The DeviShot record inclination, azimuth, toolface, gravity vector, magnetic field vector and magnetic dip, as well as temperature and battery status. The heavy duty components integrated running gear (35mm) uses Brilliant Blue technology with LED indicator.

The DeviShot comes equipped with the IP67 rated Nomad PDA system and the highly flexible DeviSoft.Mobile software. It can be used in most situations and will for instance easily operate as single shot, multi shot, with constant or variable depth interval, and for surveying in and/or out. The instrument is ready to go as it is, regardless of whether you want to survey exploration boreholes, grout curtains or blast holes.


DeviFlex is a non-magnetic multi-shot for surveying inside casings and drill strings by simply using the wireline system. Magnetic disturbances will not influence the survey results because of the tool’s technology. It can be used in a wide range of borehole sizes by performing minor changes in the tool setup. The DeviFlex is an excellent alternative instead of more expensive and fragile Gyro option in magnetic environments (surveying inside rods).


The DeviCore is a continuous core orientation system and a high-accuracy instrument that registers the orientation of the core and the inclination of the borehole. An orientation line with known position is scratched into the core as it enters the inner tube, and orientation is thereby provided over the entire core run. The results can be used to determine the dip and strike of bedding, foliation, cleavage, joints, etc.


The DeviSoft software is used in directional drilling and traditional borehole surveying. The software covers the needs of a directional driller and borehole surveyor. DeviSoft has functions for planning, registering and analyzing diamond drilled boreholes as well as grout curtains and blast holes. The DeviSoft mobile program is included in the survey tool packages.

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